ByJames G, writer at
"When you are a young person, the world is yours. You can do the impossible" -Philippe Petit

Although I'm not a princess type of person, I personally enjoyed the extraordinary performance of Lilly James ( Cinderella). It's seems as if her goal is to make sure that she truly does become her character. I had my doubts about this movie and was worried that no one can "be" Cinderella. James' truly proved me wrong! However, it is very obvious that she is trying hard to perfect her acting to enhance her performance as Cinderella. If she happens to let go of reality, the movie itself would become ten times entertaining due to the fact that reality is what distracts actors/actress from acting the way actors should (wow, that was a tongue twister). I'll still give this movie a thumbs up, though. Not only did the film have amazing actors, it also had a certainly magical effects! Cinderella's special effects are very appealing to the eyes especially if seen in a very high definition screen ( meaning; IMAX, ETX, RPX, 75MM, D-BOX, DOBLY ATMOS, ETC.) All the pretty effects can be seen in trailers or even movie posters! The magic never ends. Look out 2015, another spectacular movie is coming!


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