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Hello and welcome to the actual proper introduction of me.

My name is Drew Mc Lean Shields (Yes it's a mix country name between English, Irish and Scots.....DEAL WITH IT)
I live in a country called "Northern Ireland" in a small town by the name "Bangor."

I am a quarter of a century years english 25 =3=

I live with me ma, bro and my lil sis (the economic sucks at the moment.)
unemployed but work for Action Cancer voluntary and of course I am a youtubber (not a famous one but slowly getting there just taking my time)
I make videos not to be famous but to bring joys of laughter, happiness and wise old advice be it cosplay videos, abridges, lets plays or even just a simple vlog.

Hobbies: they are drawing, socializing, gaming, acting, voice acting and just plain insane to put it simple I am a combination of Tobi from Naruto, Kefka from Final Fantasy 6 and yes even Deadpool.

If you wanna watch my videos (Except the video on here)

you can check my channel

Anyway I hope you guys follow this page, enjoy the sites and have fun C:


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