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So i just finished watching the new animated DC comics movie "Batman VS Robin" and i really liked it. One of the things that i really liked about this movie is that you really get a feel of how loving and caring Batman is under the mask. We've saw a little bit of that in "Son Of Batman" but not nearly as much as we did in this one. Another thing that's great about this movie are the fight scenes, my god, the fight scenes were amazing! At some points i really cringed, because i could really feel the pain that the characters were going through.

Now, if you're expecting a direct adaptation from The Court Of Owls comic book then you're going to be dissapointed. This movie is loosely based of the Court Of Owls comic book, but not as much as many fans hoped it to be.
But even if you are a little dissapointed about this i definitely think you should watch it.

Do you like Nightwing? I sure do! And we get to see a lot more of him in this than we have before, which is awesome! I don't want to spoil to much, but Nightwing and Robin have a bad-ass training/fight scene early in the movie that is absolutely AWESOME! I always love when we get to see Nightwing and i really hope he gets his own animated movie soon, but that's for another article!

To sum up, i really loved this movie. It has all the action you could ask for, but at the same time it's emotional and has some really heart-felt moments, aspecially in the end!
So go check this out if you haven't already!

Picture of Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne
Picture of Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne
Bad-ass picture from bad-ass fight scene between Nightwing and Robin
Bad-ass picture from bad-ass fight scene between Nightwing and Robin

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