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It must be great being a good guy, because no matter what you do, you are going to win. I mean, you can do almost anything and get away with! And the villain(s) that follow that script tend to fail 100% of the time. Why? Uh, because they are the bad guy. But their planning and scheming should be fool proof right? Uh, no. If you focus on the fact how lax a super-villains can be against the main protagonist(s), it can drive you crazy and provide an underwhelming villain. Without providing a list of examples, I crown Ronan from the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) the winner of the lackluster super-villains. Here is Ronan, a super-powered radical of the Cree enraged by a peace treaty between his people and the Nova Corp. He seeks out to destroy Xander. His first action was smashing the head to bits of a Nova Corp officer. You don't see it, but I know he did. He obtains an Infinity stone that he brings to Xander, breaks through their defenses killing many Nova corp officers. Makes it to their surface and within moments of their destruction...and he loses?!

Yeah, it is truly embarrassing how he lost, but extremely hilarious. If you wanted the ultimate bad guy that expended all of the heroes heroics to where they barely had enough to stop him, it is not this guy. To me, everything was given to him to win and he should have, but he didn't. Tinker with this story a little, and he flat out wins. Here's how, it's simple.

Kill Drax the Destroyer.

Sure, Ronan was WAY stronger than Drax, but for some reason, he beat him senseless and threw him in some yellow substance...not pee. He had previously killed a Nova Corp officer with one strike and killed Thanos's adviser, breaking his neck with a force push from his hammer without even trying! Yeah, have a drink in the yellow ooze, only for you to be saved by Groot. Oh yeah, he gets another crack at him again, to not kill him once again! Ultimately he could have killed him, changing the dynamic of the team.

Kill Rocket Raccoon.

After Groot's sacrifice, saving them from Ronan's wrecked ship, enraged, Rocket charged a Infinity Stone wielding Ronan to get revenge? It didn't work for Drax, soit shouldn't work for Rocket, right? Better question is, Ronan at least killed him, right? Nope, he used a harmless force push that did nothing but get him dirty. Unreal right? Killing Rocket would have prevented the recreation of the weapon that destroyed his hammer.

Kill Starlord

This one was more important than all of him and more obvious, kill Starlord. he was about to lay the hammer down and destroy the planet, and he just let him sing and dance. Apparently he or his home planet has never heard dance offs. He could have disintegrated him and Xandar... and it's over! YOU WON!!! Once again, funny as hell, but another disappointing end to potentially compelling villain. Here is how you the hammer down. (see above)

Bottom line is, if the villain is going to lose, don't make it so preventable and humiliating.


Should Ronan have actually won against the Guardians of the Galaxy?


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