ByMatt Rice, writer at
1% evil. 99% hot gas.
Matt Rice

I was looking to go out to a movie with my buddy, and I saw Interstellar on the list. I thought, "Why not?" I had no idea what I was getting into.

I seriously believe this is one of the best movies of the past 10 years. It just blows my entire mind. Directed by Christopher Nolan, you come into this movie expecting a masterpiece, and that is exactly what you got. I decided to see the IMAX 3D version, which I do not regret one bit. It felt like you were being flung into the action so quickly you didn't have time to breath. At times, I felt like there was some overacting on Matthew's part, and some times the score was way too loud.

If you've ever seen Gravity, you know exactly how this feels. Panic. Pure, unadulterated, panic. If you thought that movie was an experience, just strap in.

It's the wildest ride of your life.


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