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'Axe Cop' was a webcomic that began in the December of 2009. The comic was created by comic/artist, Ethan Nicolle and his now 11 year-old little brother, Malachai, who was 5 when he created the show with his colorful and wild imagination. Malachai is responsible for the ideas and stories, while Ethan draws them into the comics. Since it was created online, Axe Cop has been published into comics, made into toys, t-shirts, card games and even a TV Show on FOX which is now moving to the recently launched channel, FXX.

Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle
Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle

If you aren't familiar, the series follows the axe welding, police officer, Axe Cop, his partner Flute Cop, and their allies Sockarang, Gray Diamond, Liborg, Bat Warthog Man, and Wexter as they fight various bad guys and avoid getting into conflict with the Normal Police.

I had the pleasure of dialing into a press conference and talking to creator, Ethan Nicolle and Executive Producer and Axe Cop himself, Nick Offerman.

I asked about Nick's favorite form of acting (Voice or Live Acting). He replied:

"You know, If I had to pick one form of acting, it would be live theater. That's where I Started. That's where I became a man or nearly so. I think I'm still finishing up that job. But, my wife also started in theater. There's just nothing like having a live audience tell you that you're delivering a medicine and then their response is my medicine and, for me, that's the greatest. But between, you know, being seen in my performance or just having my voice work, they're pretty different, I mean, I don't know if I could choose between them. One is more like... doing voice work is like recording music that people are gonna listen to. You're creating an oral experience, you know, using whatever bells and whistles you have in your voice and your intending, you know, you could shut your eyes and use your imagination and nobody is gonna see you or your face that you make. That's kinda fun, there is an element of make-believe to it. In "The Lego Movie", for example, I was really happy to... *Switches to his "Metalbeard" voice from the film* to get do this "Metalbeard" voice that was really strange and somewhat stranger then. *Switches back to Normal Voice* You know, I was comforted that they let me not sound like 'Ron Swanson' or 'Axe Cop' and that's a lot of fun! But, you know, I'm a very pretty 12 year-old girl inside like anybody else so I want people to see my cute haircut.* Laughs*"

I asked Ethan about his reaction to 'Axe Cop' getting renewed for Season 2 (Surprised or Excited). He answered:

"Probably a mixture of both of those. Probably hard to discern how much of each. I think that there was a process because it really did go into limbo there where it seemed like FOX didn't know what they were gonna do with it for a while. Nobody seemed to know where it was gonna go or what was gonna happen, even with the whole ADHD block [Animation Domination High Def]. And then there started to become talk, it was like a slow boil, there started to be like a little bit of talk here and maybe FXX was gonna do something or whatever. And suddenly, they're calling me in there, then it just happened so very fast. They were making more shows again and it happened. So yeah, I think it's still hitting me that Season 2 was actually gonna happen. But, yeah, I am really excited. I think that these episodes are the best that they've been so far. They're really good."
Nick Replies: "That's good to hear!" * Ethan and Nick share a chuckle*

Fans of shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and even MAD, I suggest that you check this show out. It's hilarious, wacky and very creative. I was so happy to hear that the show came out of hiatus and was renewed. It's got great writing and a cleverly composed cast and crew. Guest stars include Sam Elliot as Axe Cop's Father, Kristen Schaal, Micheal Chiklis, Clancy Brown, Jack McBrayer, and many many more.

Season 2 of 'Axe Cop' premieres tonight at 12:15 AM on FXX.


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