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Jennifer Aniston, who is usually looks pretty, charming and sexy won’t be seen in this following movie. Jennifer Aniston became pathetic figure, pale and very gloomy. No more funny Jennifer Aniston like in her usual Comedy movie


Claire (Jennifer Aniston), a former lawyer whose life is depressed as a result of her accident. Her son died in the crash. Claire's body was covered with wounds and she was living depressively. She joined in a chronic pain support group and one of its members, Nina (Anna Kendrick) committed suicide. Claire entered the Nina’s world, she meet Nina’s husband and son. Claire has a maid named Silvana who wants to understand her and willing 'adventure' with her

All I can say is, acting Jennifer Aniston really Oscar worthy. Rachel Green on Friends who is beautiful and interesting already disappeared. What we are witnessing is Claire who is depressed, hurt, gloomy, drug users, stubborn and annoying. Jennifer Aniston finally shows the actual acting. Acting from the other cast are very good too.

In terms of storyline, we cannot see clearly the conflict and the resolution. Perhaps because the center of this film is Claire’s suffering as a result of accidents. Sivana figure managed to steal our attention. A faithful servant even though her master is in difficult situations

At the beginning, the film is quite boring and not too much sound effect. Those who are so familiar with 'popcorn' movie probably will feel sleepy. However, it also makes depressing atmosphere is very bold in this movie. We are invited to guess what was in the Claire’s mind.

Jennifer Aniston managed to prove that she is not the only `comedy-romance ' actress

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