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I can not express how much I love this show and the whole cast. Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Rick Cosnett, Jesse Martin, Candice Patton and everyone else get along so well and create an amazing show. CW's The Flash is a hit, and I highly recommend it.

SPOILERS FOR PEOPLE NOT CAUGHT UP. If you haven't heard though, The Flash may see Superman in season two. If not, check this out:

From With Barry changing time(this is starting to hurt my brain), he'll end up in the Smallville Universe(love that show too), which had Tom Welling playing Clark Kent/Kal-El. In the Smallville Finale, Clark became Superman. I love this idea and always wanted to see Tom Welling as Superman(I even wrote a script for a Superman movie with him in mind to play Superman). I think this is a great idea and awesome. But there's a few problems that come to mind. Although they'll probably explain it.

How Will This Affect Arrow?

With Flash being connected to Arrow, if Barry alters time, Arrow will be affected. And if The Flash being connected to Smallville(if it happens), then Arrow will have to be connected to Smallville. For this to work, Arrow would have to consent too. And if it does it creates an even bigger problem...

Smallville Already Has a Green Arrow

Justin Hartley played Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in Smallville. If Arrow and The Flash become connected to Smallville, this runs a huge problem. There would be two Oliver Queens. Which Queen stays?

Also, Bart Allen

Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen. Bart exists in Smallville as well. With Barry and Bart Allen together, a cool storyline could unravel. But it will have to be explained.

Smallville and Arrow Both Have Canaries

Smallville had a Black Canary. Arrow fans know that two Canaries exist in the Arrow/Flash world; Sara and Laurel(although at separate times). So which Canary will stay?

What To Do With Characters?

With Barry doing those, huge changes will result in all characters. If Bart explains he's the grandson of Barry and Iris, what will become of their relationship? What will happen to all the other characters besides Oliver and the Canaries, like Felecity, Diggle, Roy, Thea, Malcolm Meryln, Cisco Ramon, Caitlyn Snow, and everyone else.


If Barry Allen does this, how will it be explained and what can we expect? Has Barry created a realty where Smallville is connected but Tom Welling's Clark Kent exists but Bart Allen does not. And then Stephen Amell is Arrow and Katie Cassidy as Black Canary. Will Arrow agree to this? Is it possible or fake? How will this play out?

Are you for Smallville being connected with The Flash and Arrow or do you want it to remain separate and not as complicated?


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