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Marvel's latest foray into the small screen is released this weekend as Daredevil premieres on Netflix, and fans all over the world sit down to binge watch the entire series. From the existing posters, trailers and sneak peeks, it seems like Netflix has come up with yet another incredible show, and I cannot wait to see if the episodes can deliver what we've been promised.

One character that I am most interested in is that of Karen Page, Charlie and Foggy's secretary. For one thing, this isn't someone who made an appearance in the ill-fated [Daredevil](movie:47230) or Elektra movies, but she's not just a new face. She's got a truly fascinating story in the books, as she develops from a sweet and lovelorn cutie to a very dark and mixed-up character, involved with drug abuse and adult films.

Of course, in the source material, this is an arc that takes quite some time to develop, but it seems that we may see both sides of the secretary, if this interview with IGN is anything to go by.

Deborah Ann Woll, who plays the third point of the love-triangle in the offices of Nelson and Murdock, definitely wants Karen to be more than just a pretty face.

I think we definitely wanted to take a lot of the elements from the comic books from even the very beginning, the sort of naive, innocent Karen to the darker things towards the end. I was interested in how can I have her play both of those at the same time. Can she be a very kind person who's also like a little bit attracted to danger.

I'm really excited to see this version of Karen, and I cannot wait to see exactly how she balances the innocence of the early character with the rest of her story. Interestingly, this sounds like another character we have seen Woll play: Jessica in [True Blood](series:200767). While this may not be a huge departure for her, at least we know that she can absolutely nail the concept of damaged innocence.

Charlie Cox also spoke about the relationship between the two characters, and hinted that while they are sticking to the source materials in spirit, viewers are going to get more than just a straight up book-to-screen story.

You dont want, for the fans, the people to know what's gonna happen based on what they know from the comics. So you know early on they meet Matt Murdock and they meet Karen Page , and I think a lot of people are gonna be like 'Okay we know how that goes,' and then you know maybe that's not as clear a path as they might expect it to be.

Sounds good to me! While some fans get upset about live-action deviating from the comics, I absolutely love it. I have faith that the show will stay true to the essence of the characters, but with a bit of modernization. (After all, the original Dardevil came out, oh, fifty-ish years ago, and some of the relationships need some serious updating.) I like to see comic book characters getting new storylines, and I want to see more of Karen and Matt than just her pining over him and pitying his blindness.

It seems that Daredevil won't disappoint me!

Daredevil comes out on Netflix April 10


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