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Have you listened to Tyler Posey’s Podcast yet? As reports - If you like hanging out with the Teen Wolf star, listening to music and talking about your bowel movements, you should probably give it a try.

There are, to date, just 2 episodes of Doin’ it Raw available on iTunes. Each show runs roughly 70 to 80 minutes and features a little music and a whole lot of talking with Posey and Tyler Schnabel (Teen Wolf extra and stand-in).

There was a two week delay between episode 1 and episode 2 so, while the latter was posted this week, it was actually recorded on March 21st.

In the second installment, the conversation swings from random gay innuendo about all-male sleepovers and rectally inserted microphones to defecation, masturbation and Posey getting stung by a jellyfish on his penis.

There are three songs featured - one by pop-punk band (and Posey faves) State Champs, one from Penguin Prison (a Schnabel pick) an 80s influenced pop number reminiscent of Hall and Oats’ Out of Touch, and the Peter, Paul and Mary classic Puff the Magic Dragon, the original version and one sung by Posey.

We hear about the pair’s trip to a burlesque show in Portland, Oregon, Schnabel’s inability to grow hair on the right side of his chest and Posey’s case of the flu which is ongoing at the time the show was recorded. They read some emails from listeners and discuss the show’s future. “We want to do 10 episodes,” Schnabel says. “That’s going to be our Doin’ it Raw season 1 experimental thing and we'll see how it goes.”

Doin’ it Raw also includes a small sneak peek behind the scenes of Teen Wolf Season 5 as Posey explains his new role as “Producer” on the show, “So far what I’ve discovered is that my job as a Producer is to keep the peace on set,” he says, “to make sure everyone is happy.”

He also lauds some of the other actors, “We have such a great core of a cast right now. Me, (Dylan) O’Brien, (Dylan) Sprayberry and Shelley Hennig are just the best team I could ever hope for and want to be a part of. Everyone is so just ready to do some f**king work with no complaining and are super excited to be there.”

Posey goes on to say that, as much fun as they’re all having, this season is taking a toll on everyone physically, “We are doing really hard work,” He blames his illness on the show. “It’s running us into the ground.”

The only other behind the scenes tidbit worth mentioning is a new set at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, California. “We have some pretty extravagant new sets including a school library,” says Posey. “It’s two floors with real books.”

You can listen to Doin’ it Raw on iTunes, follow their twitter @rawpodcast for links to new episodes.


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