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As you read the title, you more than likely are entirely confused as to what this odd blog post is even about. If you would like to find out, I suggest you try reading the next plethora of words on this screen.

There is this holiday in the month of April, called Easter, in which families get together at times. On this particular Easter during this 2015th year, my absurd family decided to bring up the idea that, maybe, just maybe, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny are not real... Now, if you are anything like me, a realist, you definitely know, their questioning of such realism is absolutely asinine. If you yourself are questioning your belief, or my sanity, I suggest you question yourself as to if you are indeed, real.

Now, every one of us that think about the likelihood of such "mystical beings" even being real, know it is something to question, for sure. The "mystical beings" I am bringing light to, are the Turner's, and Oakes'. I do believe in my family, or at least I did. Once someone, or a group, brings up the possibility that your entire 19 and a half years of life more than likely could have been a lie, you too would question their realism.

We, the family, live in this beautiful state, called Washington. Although, not as beautiful as my home state, Oregon. Washington is quite an expedient place to live, do not get me wrong, but I was never questioned with this odd of a doubt in the state of Oregon. Which, of course, has me questioning the realism of this entire state of Washington... Oregon never got in my head about my childhood beliefs.

What in the absolute hell is the idea, and point of the words I have typed so far? In case you did not pay attention to the title, or first few paragraphs, I am curious to know, whether my family is even real. At this point, I cannot tell. I mean, I do know, indeed, that the Easter Bunny, and Mr. Clause are in fact, very real. However, my family? I am not so sure anymore.

I would be quite grateful if any of you beings who have taken the time to read this conflicting blog post of mine, would leave feedback on this, or any other topic in life! As slightly mentioned, comments, blog ideas, questions, opinions, all of those jazzy things are highly appreciated, and accepted. Once again, thank you deeply for scanning the 444 words I made into a blog post. Feel free to check out, and comment on any, and all of the other blogs I have written.



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