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Making her start vlogging in 2007 and several Youtube channels, TV commercials, a movie and tongue-in-cheek self-help book later, with over two million Youtube subscribers, comedian Grace Helbig has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon for the internet generation.

One of many ordinary folk finding fame their own way on Youtube, Grace Helbig's on-line persona is that of the kind of awkward older sister you never had. She's funny and relateable because we're all weird and uncomfortable like her, and she doesn't take herself too seriously.

Or seriously at all.

And she's all over the internet, with active Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr accounts and even an audio-video podcast, not to mention popping up in other popular personalities channels and in their 'grams, she is available to her fans in whatever venue they prefer to spend their time other than watching TV, her fanbase continuing to grow by the day.

And now she's even on TV. The E! network caught wind of her popularity among their target demographic and gave her her own half-hour celeb interview and internet culture show, The Grace Helbig Show which premiered on Friday April 3rd at 10:30pm. Striving to maintain her roots in internet culture, not only did she interview a celebrity (Aisha Tyler, but was joined by a fellow Youtuber and comedian, Mamrie Hart, for a segment in which they tried not to laugh at their favorite funny videos on Youtube of the moment.

Unfortunately, not many of her avid fans tuned in, and the premiere held an average viewership of 227,000.

The show was okay. As opposed to the confident-quirky she demonstrates in the trailer, she came across as more nervous-awkward in the actual show, which I'm sure she'll get a handle on as the series progresses. That said, the awkward is part of her charm and what her fan-base loves about her so she will need to work out the right balance of awkward, quirky and confidence, but not too much confidence because that would diminish the awkward. Sounds hard.

To me, I don't know that the show has translated amazingly to TV, and perhaps the reason her fans didn't tune in is simply because they're internet people, not TV. That's not where they get their entertainment. And The Grace Helbig Show isn't an either-or. Without tuning in, they will still get their Helbig fix all over the internet.

Also, 10:30pm on a Friday night isn't exactly the time most teens and 20-somethings are at home watching TV, so that wouldn't have helped her, either.

Did you watch The Grace Helbig Show? What did you think? If you're a fan and you DIDN'T watch, why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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