ByBryar Herrick, writer at
Some of my fever induced gibberish if you ever feel like getting a headache.
Bryar Herrick

Just a quick note to say hello my friends and that the long awaited journey is about to begin.

Just so you know, there will be some tasteful but full frontal nudity. After all, some minds are best opened with the claw of a hammer and we don't want to ruin our clothes just yet.

They're saying some pretty controversial things out back and it won't be long before the dogs front left leg gives way and we're smuggled the essentials. I know you're nervous but you'll do fine. A lot of people aren't equipped to deal with the fraudulent test drive, those moments that often require the use of what Claim calls the Eddie Haskell flip side.

We do have important business to tend to but first, the psychedelic spores. A heroic dose for a hero's journey. Stay focused, we're all potential sock puppets for those that reside within the inbetweens.

I'll see you soon.


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