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This year's celebration of all things Star Wars at Anaheim's Convention Center seems all the more poignant with the impending release of the seventh installment of the seminal franchise. That's more than enough reason to get all arm-wavey and frothy with excitement.

But, despite December being rather far, far away, the aforementioned froth of excitement has continued to overflow with the not unexpected reveal that Star Wars Celebration will come complete with the new The Force Awakens trailer and the first tasty teaser one-sheet.

Though the excitement of the first airing of the Episode VII trailer at SWC may be short lived, with the possibility of leaks and Disney's probable quick response to them by thrusting the trailer onto the web at the earliest opportunity, a new Star Wars movie always brings amazing posters with them. I mean, do you remember losing your mind over The Phantom Menace's teaser poster?!

Hopefully continuing the time honored Star Wars tradition of crafting evocative and utterly stunning posters for their features, I've started to wonder how the one-sheet will look. Will J.J. Abrams and co go for a more vintage, hand painted option in the vein of Drew Struzan's wonderful back catalog of work, or will they stick to the current trend of digital artistry?

Let's take a trip back down the halls of memory, and cast an eye, or two, over the past teaseriffic one-sheets from Star Wars' history.

Star Wars: A History In Teaser Posters

Episode IV: A New Hope

This poster is pretty self explanatory with its bold, striking text and sporadic placement of stars. The dark, vastness of space frames the text and seeks to draw you into the foundation of cinema's greatest space opera.

Seeing as the design standard for '70s one sheets included photographs taking up the bulk of the frame, combined with small or limited text, this poster is brilliant for the interest it garners by having no discernible info, save the vague description at the bottom of the one-sheet.

It's cocky and bold, though bland when compared to today's visual standard. Would you stand for Episode VII's poster resembling this?

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The first thing you feel when seeing this is excitement. A New Hope managed to set the scene of the galactic struggles faced by Rebel Alliance, while Empire really amped up the sheer totalitarian deplorability of the Galactic Empire.

Darth Vader looms heavy in the center of the galaxy, and poster, as he and his Empiric forces seek to reshape the stars in their own likeness. The poster aims to elucidate the omnipotent power of the Dark Side and its greatest son; no matter where your journey may take you in the galaxy, Vader's presence shall haunt every step.

Will we see a visual style similar to this in Episode VII's one-sheet? Probably not because they may want to include all of the characters previously teased in last year's reveal. But this poster is immense in relaying the overarching danger posed by the dastardly Empire.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Or: The Cleansing of the Galaxy, as hinted at in this beautiful one-sheet. Luke Skywalker makes his eagerly awaited return to the forefront of battle, and attempts to render the galaxy free of the iron grip of the Empire.

The color blue is said to symbolize wisdom, truth and heaven, utopian ideals in the grim reality of the Empire. With Skywalker's return, he will seek to cleanse the galaxy of the murk of evil, and restore peace, order and faith to the stars with a swish of a lightsaber, coating the stars in the cool hues of harmony.

Now we're getting closer to what I believe will be included in the visual palette of Episode VII's one-sheet.

Let's travel to the late '90s and early '00s and probe the drastic changes in the prequels' poster art style.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Instantly iconic and such a stunning one-sheet. The soft blue and yellow hues of the sky and sand combine to gently welcome us back to Tatooine, and a world not yet affected by the horrors of the Empire.

If blue is associated with wisdom, et al, yellow underpins the honesty with a youthful sense of joy, energy and intellect. What's most striking about this poster, however, is the inclusion of Vader's silhouette in young Anakin's shadow, foregrounding the sad transformation to come.

This is genius marketing and I wouldn't be surprised to see imagery like this being used in the impending poster.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Though it can be argued that Clones is more of a detective story in space, the teaser poster is packed full of hints toward a romance plagued with troubles. The beautiful deep red hues allude to warmth and love, but also to a present danger, terrible anger and blood.

Notice how the text in the center of the poster is aligned. How "Jedi" is set at the back of Skywalker's head, symbolizing the waning importance of his Jedi status and the birth of an ill fated romance that would change the fate of the galaxy.

Note how "anger" and "hatred" stands between the star crossed lovers, and how comfortable the words seem to sit amidst the darkness they leap from. These two words would come to symbolize Anakin's exploits over the course of the latter half of the prequel trilogy.

Will we see metaphors littering the new poster? Probably not, seeing as Episode VII's one-sheet will want to introduce a new world of drama, rather than a sub-plot.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

And finally, to close this little rundown of the past Star Wars teaser posters, we come full circle to another pretty damn self explanatory one-sheet.

Orange is the color of change, and that's exactly the fate that befalls poor Anakin in Sith. The full transformation from conflicted youth to broken and vengeful Sith Lord.

How smart would you have felt juxtaposing Vader's mask onto Anakin's swirling cape? Will we see imagery like this in the new poster? Possibly, because the palette and resonant colors are in-fitting with today's visual design structure. And it sets the tone perfectly, alluding to the end battle with the fiery red and orange of the volcanic Duel of the Heroes.

Whichever way we look at it, The Force Awakens poster isn't going to please everybody upon its reveal, but it will have to be pretty damn special to share the limelight with these beauties.

As long as it's simplistic, striking, and as exciting as the teaser trailer, we'll be in for something special. That's my ten cents anyhow!

What do you think?

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