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Any dedicated fan of Harry Potter will be able to tell you exactly who Colin Creevey is, the Muggle-born wizard first came to our attention during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when he joined Gryffindor house as a fresh-faced 11-year-old with a huge camera, eager to befriend Harry.

Colin appeared in several of the Harry Potter books before he was sadly killed in the Battle of Hogwarts after sneaking into the Room of Requirement to fight with Dumbledore's Army. Unfortunately for Creevey fans, Colin only appeared in one of the eight movies in the franchise, and was played by young Briton Hugh Mitchell.

Chamber of Secret's was Mitchell's first appearance in a film and he was just 12 years old! And these days? Well, thanks to Buzzfeed we can report that, unlike Colin, Hugh is still alive and kicking at 25-years-old (and even looks a little like a young Hank Green!):

Buzzfeed/Twitter: hughmitchell1
Buzzfeed/Twitter: hughmitchell1

Mitchell has continued acting long after his Potter days, appearing as a Goth teen, Tim, in Tormented, a 2009 slasher film, as well as several mini-series including The Last Weekend, The White Queen and Whitechapel.

Hugh Mitchell in Tormented
Hugh Mitchell in Tormented

He also takes the time to go along to conventions and meet Harry Potter fans, which sounds pretty awesome to me.

But Mitchell's talents aren't just limited to acting, in fact the young star is also a very skilled musician! After graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music as a cross-disciplined composer, he composes and produces his own music, take a listen to one track below:

Hugh has plenty more on offer over HERE on his website (my personal favorite is the '80s/'90s TV themes), I highly suggest you take a look and a listen!

Buzzfeed/Twitter: hughmitchell1
Buzzfeed/Twitter: hughmitchell1

I think that it's fair to say that despite his character's unfortunate end in the Harry Potter franchise, Hugh Mitchell has a very promising future ahead of him!

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