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A teenager with parents who either had huge ambitions for her or wanted her to feel woefully inadequate every day of her life has spoken out about what it's like to be named Beyoncé and involuntarily started a support group for others afflicted with celebrity name syndrome.

Beyoncé was approached by the photography blog 'Humans of New York' and she discussed the trials and tribulations of sharing a name with one of the most famous women on earth. She told Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind humans of New York that:

Although nobody else called Beyoncé put their hands up in support, a plethora of celebrity namesakes made themselves known in the most addictive comments section ever and told their stories, including Beyoncé's former Destiny's Child bandmates...

Below are the best of the bunch so you don't have to procrastinate through the list for an hour like I just did:

Teenage Scream

Don't Be Fooled By the Rocks That She Got, She's NOT Jenny From the Block

Big Willy Style

Mary Hate

Look Who Just Flew in from the Slums of Beverly Hills!

Bridget Moans

Posh Spice

No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

The Name's Bond...

Meg! I Thought I Told You Not to Poop in the House

You Make a Woman Go Mad

Not Your Private Dancer

Pretty Woman

And it wasn't just people with celebrity namesakes that showed up to the party, some other wondrously creative names also came out of the woodwork to say hi:

Heyyyyyyy Macarena!

What a Boob

Corn and the Cobb

That's Love

Blaze of Glory

A Common Misconception

How Could it Hurt You When it Looks So Good

Aint Nuttin' to Fuck With

Liquor Loathing

Don't Wrinkle Your Nose

That's Just Mean...


Unforgettable, That's What You Are

Cream of the Crop


Do you know anyone with a bizarre name?

(Source: Humans of New York)


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