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Now, we've had a fair few behind-the scenes looks at the set of Deadpool in the past few days - the result of both the film's need to get maintain a high profile, and a seriously easy to view Vancouver highway filming location - but we've not seen a whole lot that show the Merc with a Mouth in full blown action.

That, thankfully, is about to change.

Three new videos, taken by passersby during filming on Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct, seem to showcase both a whole lot of action, and our best look yet at Ryan Reynolds' physical take on the hero.

First up:

Deadpool Dodges Bullets

Which is just so Deadpool - not wanting to get shot. What a scamp...

Next up:

Deadpool Fights Back

The only way he knows how - using excessive force.

And, finally:

Deadpool Pops His Head Out

And, presumably, says something outrageously inappropriate...

Now, of course, we can't be absolutely certain that the Deadpool we're seeing there is, in fact, Ryan Reynolds - though it sure does seem to be - but irrespective, the videos seem, collectively, to reveal something pretty awesome:

It Looks Like They're Remaking THAT Test Footage

Specifically, that test footage, just above.

Which, it just so happens, bears more than a passing resemblance to the freeway we've seen so much action on. Are we seeing part of the live-action remaking of that fan-favorite footage? It sure seems like it...

What do you reckon, though?



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