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I'm still reeling from the shock that Nina Dobrev will be leaving The Vampire Diaries so violently that I can't possibly imagine what the future of the show will look like without her.

Instead, I am going to snuggle into my security blanket of nostalgia and travel back through the mists of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) time to remember all of the unforgettable moments that Dobrev has hacked, kissed and burned her way into our hearts.

12. When Katherine made her debut with some casual finger chopping

Finally, someone who really means business (sorry John). Such a perfect character introduction that The Vampire Diaries has never managed to match again.

11. When Nina learned Bonnie was a witch and totally loved it

Who cares about the terrifying implications, there are featherrrrrrrrrs!

10. Doppelgänger threesome

The doppelgängers might have got out of hand is Season 5, but there is no denying the acting mastery that Nina pulled off when she played Elena, Katherine and Amara in one scene. Respect.

9. When Elena finally locked lips with Damon...

I still kind of hate Jeremy for walking in and putting a stop to this, does that make me a bad person?

8. ...and when she slipped between the sheets with Stefan

Ah! First love.

7. When Elena drowned to save Matt's life...

Elena always gets picked on for being selfish, but there is no denying that she has had some totally selfless moments in her six season history.

6. ...and sprung back as a newly formed vampire

Becoming a vampire opened up a whole new chapter for Elena and Dobrev acted her way through the struggles and grieving for her human self like a boss.

5. When Katherine made Klaus' party go off with a bang. Literally

The Petrova fire burns bright in this one!

4. That time Elena set her house ablaze to purge her grief for Jeremy

If most people did this, it would seem totally overdramatic, but Elena Gilbert hasn't lived the life of most people.

3. When Katherine trespassed into Elena's body

Dobrev pulled off the underlying comedy of these situations in a way that made us fans able to handle the stress of Katherine ruining Elena's life!

2. Any time Elena unexpectedly channeled her inner badass

Elena Gilbert is boring, they said. All she does is whine, they said...

1. Or those rare moments where Elena was actually having a good time in the surreal hellscape that was her life!

Somehow Elena still managed to let her hair down when we would all be sobbing in the corner, rocking slowly.


What's your favorite Nina Dobrev moment in TVD?

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