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Her face has always been peering out from the center of almost every Vampire Diaries poster, but now Nina Dobrev is no longer the figurehead of the hit CW show, will it be able to survive?

Julie Plec has already confirmed that season seven is officially going ahead, but how will a Mystic Falls without Elena (or, indeed, Tyler and Jeremy) work out for us fans?

There is no denying that Elena's character will be going out with an explosive bang like no other to end season six, and the resulting cliffhanger will be more important than ever to keep us interested this time around...

Sure Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and Candice Accola are a compelling crew, but the whole dynamics of TVD will have to be torn down and built back up again in order for season seven to avoid being a slow motion train wreck.

But, how do you guys think this will play out? It's hard to know what will happen with all of the serious drama of season six to go, but here are a few theories of how TVD writers could keep us glued to the hit CW show:

1. The birth of Bamon...

Bamon shippers are growing their droves after the pair was trapped in 1994 together and cooking up some serious chemistry alongside their pancakes, and this could be a device used to help us deal with the empty hole that Elena has left.

What could be more perfect? Elena's best friend and lover comforting each other trough some seriously rough times until they accidentally fall into bed together. Ooops!

This theory also has some clout after Ian Somerhalder said in March 2015 interview with MTV that he was:

excited for Damon and Bonnie to have a relationship that is super layered and heavy

Oooh, la la!

2. ...Or a new big bad closer than any other before?

Okay, I've been in bed with a fever for the past couple of days, so this one might be totally insane, but hear me out...

I've been thinking about the new Bonnie and how she could potentially play a part in the demise of Elena as she loses her grip on the person she once was and is taken over by dark magic.

Let's face it, Elena and Bonnie couldn't be more different now and as Bonnie's feeling for Damon grow it's possible that she could decide to do something drastic to be his first choice...

It might not be pleasant to think about, but there's no denying it would be an ending to make us desperate to know what happens in season seven.

3. Sneaky Salvatore

It's early days to know what Sarah Salvatore is really about yet, but the writers have invested so much in her boring storyline that it's sure to be something big.

Maybe this unassuming girl holds secrets from the Salvatore family's past that could blow the Salvatore brothers' world apart and send them on an entirely new quest.

They both definitely need some more purpose in their lives for them to lead season seven alone.

4. Gemini Takeover

The Gemini coven are clearly an insanely powerful set of witches and we haven't even met them properly yet.

Let's face it, Alaric and Jo are totally having twins and these guys will be swooping into Mystic Falls to claim those all important heirs from their witch denier mother.

Mystic Falls is quite a nice little town, so there's every chance they might decide to stay and the residents probably won't be too into that...

5. Sloppy Shapeshifting

This is what I am hoping and praying doesn't happen, but I will put it in the list anyway...

With The Vampire Diaries' reputation for shapeshifting, resurrection and all forms of trickery to make its storylines work, there is a minuscule chance that they will bring Elena back as another actress.

I don't think it will happen, and I really don't want it to because this could be the moment all TVD fans hit the off switch for good!


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