BySam Warrington, writer at

Yes, that is Oscar winner Anne Hathaway swinging on a wrecking ball on popular TV show "Lip Sync Battle."

The preview of her performance has been put on Youtube and I have to tell you, she smashes it.

Strutting onto the stage in a white crop top and black sweat pants the Devil Wears Prada star emulates the fashion of Miley in her infamous video, I wonder what the people at Runway would make of her outfit choice?!

Stripping down to white briefs Anne really owns the stage using over the top miming and dance moves, and good on the girl for braving running to mount a giant wrecking ball, she's got some guts!

Cheekily, she also gives her old co-star Emily Blunt the middle finger, just to emulate Miley further I'm sure!

Have a look at the video, I for one can't wait until the full version is released!

Forget Oscars, Anne should get an MTV award for this performance!


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