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First may I just say, our creators have some incredible imaginations. We were so genuinely excited by the content that came out of this contest that picking a winner turned into Moviepilot's own version of 'Civil War'.

fighting words
fighting words

Thankfully, we were able to resolve our differences with only minor injuries inflicted. We narrowed it down to a short list, then had another round of battles and finally, a winner emerged.

And the winner of this amazing 42" LED LCD is...

Joby Bongco: Top 5 Fictional Lands For The Kid At Heart

Joby knocked it outa the park with this entry, listing 5 fantasy destinations that any adventure-seeking adult couldn't possibly resist. From relaxing with a warm glass of butterbeer in Hogsmead, to running with the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, to getting animated in Toontown, Joby has developed an action-packed list of tourist destinations to feed the imagination. Congratulations Joby- enjoy your brand new TV!

As I mentioned earlier, however... we had some serious reasons to celebrate the content that came out of this, and so we have a few worthy shout outs!

Aaron Hubbard: Always bringing his A-Game, Aaron created an extensive adventure tourism guide for Middle-Earth, with highlights including 'The Shire', 'Gondor' and 'Dwarven Dwellings'. Creativity to the max!

Ian. M Simpson shared his version of A Week in Paradise, with a different set of activities and locations for each location. A highlight for me was imagining being teleported to Asgard after 'breaking (my) fast in Winterfell'.

Matthew Bailey gave us 3 excellent entries, including a destination 'Field of Dreams' fantasy trip. This one gave us all the feels.

Mike Mack took us on a poetic tour through the world of Disney, and almost had us believing he'd actually been there with his accurate knowledge of all the fantasy destinations from Game Central Station to San Fransokyo.

Tom Meadows took it to a new level with his imagined trip to the Mass Effect Universe, where he accounted for different activities based on his moods. An impressive piece that takes some unexpected creative twists- well done!

Of course there were more amazing entries, so don't be disheartened if you didn't get a shout out this time! I'd love to go through each one and tell you what we loved about them, but time is of the essence here.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Until next time, keep creating awesome content, and we'll find new and exciting ways to reward you!


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