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Australia has FINALLY joined the Netflix family. I decided that I would sign up and give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. so follow me as I document my first 30 days of Netflix

DAY 1 : I went through what was offer and added shows onto my list including some stand up performances , some old school J-horror, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the first American series of the power rangers. I started watching the series 1 of power rangers.

DAY 2 : finished the first series of Power Rangers and started onto the 2nd season.

DAY 3 : continued to watch the season 2 of power rangers. I looked through netflix to see what other shows I could add to my watch later list. I think Netflix is judging me, it is suggesting me more Power Rangers series to watch, I should watch other shows to confuse Netflix into thinking I am an adult that likes adult shows

DAY 4 : I finished the 2nd season of power rangers and then went on to season 3. (so much for watching something else but it is the Power Rangers)

DAY 5 :
I watched some more of season 3 of the Power Rangers and added a few more shows onto my watch later list

DAY 6 : I FINISHED season 3 of Power Rangers and watched Justice League Flashpoint and a movie called Rubber (I honestly don't know how to explain rubber, I really don't.)

DAY 7 : Guess what I watched today, well it was not Power Rangers to change things up I watched Rob Schneider: Soy Sauce and Holocaust I have not had a good laugh in such a long time. then started I on the Netflix original series Unbreakabe Kimmy Schmidt It takes an episode or two to get into but well worth the watch.

So that was week one of my voyage into Netflix, tune in next week to see what I watch, if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments section below and if it's on the Australian Netflix I will check it out.

So far I would recommend it to people but this is just my first week so lets see what the following weeks bring me.

Thanks for reading, and keep being best you, you can be.


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