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[Arrow](series:720988) and The Flash are two hugely popular TV shows, so its no wonder that the CW has commissioned a spinoff show. In this article I will be giving my predictions for the line-up, both in terms of heroes and villains, along with my thoughts on each. This is my first article, so I hope you enjoy it.


The A.T.O.M, ready to kick ass.
The A.T.O.M, ready to kick ass.

The A.T.O.M / Ray Palmer - Brandon Routh

The A.T.O.M has already been confirmed to appear in the show, and its not hard to see why. On Arrow, he is an awesome character. His fight with Oliver and Roy was just epic, he is hilarious, and provides some nice moments in his interactions with other characters. (I'm inventing Ronna - Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak for the win!)

In the spin-off, I expect he'll have a large part to play, possibly as the team's leader.

Half of Firestorm / Martin Stein - Victor Garber

Everyone also knows that Martin Stein will be appearing in the show. Lots of people have been wondering about Robbie Amell/Ronnie Raymond not having been confirmed to appear on the show, and Marc Guggenheim stated that there may be a reason for that. I hope that we will still get to see Firestorm somehow, but I'm just not entirely sure what's going to be coming up on The Flash.

You should by now be familiar with the above set pic. As Firestorm will be appearing again on The Flash again this season, hopefully we should get some answers then.

Ciara Renée cast as Hawkgirl
Ciara Renée cast as Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl / Kendra Saunders - Ciara Renée

I really love the character of Hawkgirl and I can't wait to see how she'll be portrayed. It'll be interesting to see how she's introduced to the Flarrow-verse. I doubt that she'll get her powers from the particle accelerator accident, and I think that the CW will be more likely to introduce her Nth-metal belt. With Vixen coming out, I really think that DC's TV universe is starting to delve in magic a bit more. The CW have said that she will only just be coming to realise that she has been reincarnated over the years, and wings sprout from her back when she gets angry. This is certainly a deviation from the comics, but I think it could pay off.

Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who Fame as Time Master
Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who Fame as Time Master

Time Master / Rip Hunter - Arthur Darvill

I have a confession to make. Before it was announced that Arthur Darvill would portray this character in the Flarrow-verse, I had never even heard of him. Apparently he is DC's resident time-traveller, but unlike The Flash he doesn't have these powers as a side effect of speed. In my opinion, the CW could take two main directions with his entrance into the role, and two with his role in the show. First of all, his possible entrances.

Rip Hunter, like The Flash and so many others, could have got his powers from the particle accelerator incident. He might not know how to control them, and join the team after accidentally jumping all over time.

Alternatively, he could be from the future, like Eobard Thawne. If this is the case, then whether he has physical powers, or whether he uses some kind of technology, would be up to the producers of the show. If this is the case, then I think we would see a more hardened, mature version of Rip Hunter, possibly one who went back in time to hunt the Reverse-Flash.

Rip Hunter will either be someone who can make short jumps in time, or an Oracle-like character who uses his powers to cause big shifts in time only when necessary.


Could Caity Lotz make a return?
Could Caity Lotz make a return?

The Canary / Sara Lance - Caity Lotz

After being, shot with three arrows and being hurled off a building, before being confirmed dead about a million times, I believe that Sara Lance will return in the present day, and here's how.

It is heavily rumoured that Roy will die in episode 19 of Arrow, and whilst I doubt it, it is still possible. As we can see from the picture further up of The Arrow, The Flash and Firestorm, Oliver in in League gear. This drives me to think that he at least temporarily takes up the mantle of Ra's Al Ghul. Whilst here, he ressurects Sara and Roy, and Sara's resurrection puts the Arrow in Lance's good books again. Seeing that Laurel is now the Black Canary, Sara does not join team Arrow, and instead joins the new team in this show. In some comics, people go mad after being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, but I don't think that Arrow will go down that route.

Please note that this is all just speculation, and it is possible that Caity Lotz (Who has been confirmed to appear) either has a flashback role or plays a completely different character.

Static / Virgil Hawkins

In a previous casting call for this untitled show, it was revealed that an African-American character actor was required to play a hero on the show. DC's main ethnic minority hero is Cyborg, however I don't think that DC will let the CW use him. Originally on Arrow, Ted Kord/ Blue Beetle was supposed to be in the A.T.O.M's role, but DC said that the CW couldn't use him as they had other plans for the character. We know about plans for Cyborg, and the next most likely character is Static. He has electromagnetic abilities, which fits well in the Flarrow-verse, and DC seems to be trying to make him more mainstream with his recent release on the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Green Lantern has been hinted at
Green Lantern has been hinted at

Green Lantern

There have been many Green Lanterns over the years, and a few of them have the potential to appear in the show. First of all, John Stewart could fill the role of the ethnic minority hero confirmed to be appearing. This is likely, and would be the first time the character has been portrayed in live-action. Alternatively, it could be Hal Jordan, the best known Green Lantern. The Flash was introduced after Central City was name-dropped throughout Arrow's first two seasons. Coast City, Green Lantern's home has been referenced in The Flash and Arrow, as well as Ferris Air, the company that he flies for. We could well be seeing him appear, as the Green Lantern movie won't be for a good few years. Another lantern could appear, but that would be less likely.


Captain Cold jumps between shows
Captain Cold jumps between shows

Captain Cold / Leonard Snart - Wentworth Miller

Captain Cold is one of [The Flash](series:1068303)'s arch enemies, and has terrorised Central City three times on The Flash, with a fourth coming soon in episode 22. However, there are only so many times he can be used on one show, and I seem to be the only person who wants to see him fight Oliver, Roy and Laurel with his rogues, so he will alternate between The Flash and the new show. I really like his character and can't wait to see more of him.

Mick Roy/ Heat Wave - Dominic Purcell

Also confirmed to be on the show, Captain Cold's right hand man will fight The A.T.O.M, Hawkgirl and the rest of the team. Not much more needs to be said on this.


Golden Glidr / Lisa Snart - Peyton List

In The Flash's 16th episode, Captain Cold's little sister came along to fight The Flash. With two rogues already confirmed to be in this show, I believe a large team of villains will give a large team of heroes a run for their money. Golden Glider will almost certainly appear, and I believe that this will be announced sooner rather than later.


Apologies for the unclear photograph. It is a screenshot from a trailer for The Flash, and shows Rainbow Raider, The Mist, and Weather Wizard teaming up and breaking out of their meta-human prison. I believe that this will take place in episode 22, and that they will join the current rogues to fight The Flash. If this is the case, then I think that they will also appear in the spinoff. It seems likely that some new rogues will join their ranks, possibly Captain Boomerang from Arrow.

Bug-Eyed Bandit: Perfect Casting?
Bug-Eyed Bandit: Perfect Casting?

Bug-Eyed Bandit - Emily Kinney

Appearing in the next episode of The Flash, this character will face The A.T.O.M in a team-up. In the comics, he/she is one of The A.T.O.M's main foes, and so it seems likely that we will see this version of face face her rival in the new show.

Thanks for reading, guys! That's all for now. As for my next article, tell me in the comments what you would like. Anything related to The Flash, Arrow, or Doctor Who is fine, whether it's a trailer breakdown, predictions article or list of my favourite episodes. Bye!


Do you think we'll be seeing these characters in the new show?


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