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The days of GTA V are coming to a gradual close for Rockstar Games. They've been living off of the success of this incredible title for almost two years, and once the PC version of GTA V is released they can focus their attention on the future of the company. What title could be next on their list, and could we see it get a release date in 2015? We think we know what it is!

But a few years later down their development timeline, Rockstar are no doubt considering GTA 6. But where could we see them take it on the XBOX One, PS4 and PC? Could it be a tale of two cities? Could there be more than 3 protagonists? And if it was set outside of the USA, how would you feel about that as lovers of GTA games?

GTA VI - An Adventure Outside of the USA

GTA 6 - More of This Please!
GTA 6 - More of This Please!

Of course, Rockstar once had one of the GTA titles set in London and it was pretty damn cool. Though the company has spoken about the future of the franchise and stated that while the UK is an interesting place to set a game, they don't feel it'd be the right place for the next GTA to go. However, that's not to say that GTA VI couldn't venture beyond the USA on its release date!

In recent years, the GTA franchise has become a part of American society, as much as the society has become a part of the games. Rockstar have taken various aspects of American culture and critiqued them in the latest instalments. There's so much to draw from in this enormous continent, however, the idea of venturing beyond its borders is still something I'd love to see Rockstar tackle.


Where could Rockstar take GTA 6? Could we see a representation of Europe with a whole load of different countries and cultures clashing on one continent? Could we something set in Asia, in Japan or China? Would these places be something that would interest fans of the franchise?

While I love the GTA franchise, I really don't want to see it become stale with similar representations of America over and over again. At some point the series will have to branch out to other places in the world. But is GTA 6 the game to do it? Let us know what you'd want from GTA VI on its release date for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC!


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