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WELCOME to another installment of "The Reboot Awakens", your weekly update for all news, rumors and speculation on Indiana Jones 5.

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APRIL 6, 2015

Thanks for joining us for another installment of "The Reboot Awakens". Last week I discussed the possible time period that Disney's reboot could be set in, as well as one possible location. If you have not read Episode 2, you can do so here. This week I'm going for broke and throwing out some names of actors I could see playing certain roles within the franchise.



Nothing in the way of official news has been released this week from Disney, but who cares, check out these great finds.

  • It belongs in a museum! Check out the poster entitled "The Desk of Dr. Jones" from artist ROB LOUKOTKA (seen above) with over 40 items from the films. Head to Rob's website,,to see his other work.
  • Harrison Ford has been released from the hospital and is recovering remarkably, so says his long time friend and Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall. People Magazine has the full story here.
  • According to a source from EOnline, Harrison Ford was spotted on the road driving to visit his friend, Steven Spielberg. He spent the day at the director's home. Hopefully [Indiana Jones 5](movie:203950) came up in discussion.
  • James Gunn, director of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), spoke to Variety last week and gave his two cents on the Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones rumor.
  • If you have not heard the bi-weekly Indiana Jones podcast at The Indycast, do yourself a favor and go listen, they just released Episode 209!


I have had a lot of people ask me since starting this series, who I could see playing some of the key roles in the Indiana Jones reboot. So I thought I would take the time in this episode to do just that. But the names below are not meant to be all thrown into one film. These are characters that would exist in the universe, some appearing in Indy 5, some showing up down the road.

In the last episode I discussed rebooting the franchise before the events of Temple of Doom, in the mid 1920's. The actors chosen for the certain roles will be based on that time period, circa 1925. Indiana Jones has taken his first teaching position at London University, while his friend and mentor Abner Ravenwood searches for any clue that will lead him to the Ark of the Covenant...



Professor of Archeology at the University of Chicago, Abner's search for the Ark has become an obsession that has put strains on his relationships at work and also with his family and friends.

George Clooney would be great in the role of Indiana Jones' mentor. We have already seen the relationship between Indy and his father on screen, what we haven't seen is the man who really made Indy who he is. Clooney has the comedic and dramatic range to pull off the ultimate buddy film with a young Indiana Jones, where the two see each other as equals as opposed to father and son. He would be young Indy's perfect role model, a man who is driven but is also debonaire. Clooney could also handle the emotional side of a character who slowly slides into madness searching for the elusive Ark.



A rebellious but jaded young woman, wise beyond her years, who has been dragged across the lengths of the earth by her father's hopeless pursuit for the Ark of the Covenant.

Kaya Scodelario is fairly new on the scene but is quickly making a name for herself in such films as The Maze Runner and [Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales](movie:586017). Not only does she have the look of Marion, played originally by Karen Allen, but she can definitely hold her own in an ensemble cast. It would be great to see Indy slowly try to break through the tough outer shell that this heroine has developed over the years, as he helps her father on a journey to discover the Staff of Ra.



French archeologist, René Belloq, will go to any means necessary to procure the artifact he searches for, as long as the price is right.

As you can see, I'm going with a certain resemblance to the original actor of the part. In the case of Paul Freeman's Belloq, Matthew Goode is a dead ringer. I just recently watched The Imitation Game and he was fantastic, being able to deliver just the right amount of suspicious charm. To be liked and disliked at the same time is a hard thing to pull off. I could see Belloq popping in and out of Indy's adventures for many years.



Marcus Brody has been a life-long friend to the Jones family. Having attended Oxford with Indy's father, Marcus eventually became curator at the National Museum where he has maintained a relationship with the younger Jones. Marcus had a hand in landing Indy the teaching position at London University, he also keeps a watchful eye on the young archeologist.

I would love to see Colin Firth in this role. He has the look and has played a skittish, unsure of himself Brit before in The King's Speech. He could be another character that shows up briefly in one of the films or follows Indy on one of his many adventures.



Last time we saw Forrestal he was hanging from some spikes in South America. Actually, it's the only time we've seen the character, but much can be taken away from words and a lot is said when Indy speaks briefly of him.

"Competitor. He was good, he was very good."

Who was Forrestal? Well we know he was an archaeologist who taught history and archaeology at Princeton University. But the fact is, Indy saw him as an equal. I think it would be great to see a villain that is a complete shadow of Indiana Jones. Michael Fassbender would be amazing in this role as an evil Indy. Having a story set in the jungles of South America, with pieces of a map involved, maybe include Belloq here as well, and have all of these men looking for a fellow archeologist that disappeared searching for a golden idol. You throw in a few cannibals and piranhas and you have a formula for success!




The year is 1926, Indiana Jones is teaching at London University. In his free time he travels around the world searching for lost artifacts.

I have spoken before of "bridging the gap" between River Phoenix and Harrison Ford's portrayals of Indiana Jones. Sticking with my theme of having an actor that could look the part and taking in the time period of the reboot, my choice for Indy is Garrett Hedlund. He is 30 years old, but could totally pull off 26. He will be playing an "Indiana Jones" inspired Hook in this summer's Pan. Still, what sold me on him is his performance in On The Road, playing the classic wayward hero Dean Moriarty. There is a certain darkness and isolation in his portrayal of a man on the outside looking in. To me that was always a part of Indy's character, a man that spent his life always on the move, never putting down roots, never developing relationships that stick. A loner.


SPEC SCRIPT FOR INDIANA JONES 5 no official affiliation with The Walt Disney company, Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of their affiliates
SPEC SCRIPT FOR INDIANA JONES 5 no official affiliation with The Walt Disney company, Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of their affiliates



With a storyline that spans two different time periods, Stone of Destiny is Indiana Jones' last adventure, an epic quest that will lead the archeologist back to his past as he searches for the lost city of Atlantis. Part of this tale takes place in 1967 and sees Indy traveling from Greece to Egypt, finally ending up in the mysterious Sargasso Sea. A beautiful sleek schooner named the "Sea Crow" takes Indy and the crew on this odyssey. The captain of the ship is a man with as many secrets as the lost city itself. His name is Abraxas "Brax" Young.

While writing the screenplay I thought of Chiwetel Ejiofor in the role. I thought that the Indiana Jones franchise was missing a great black protagonist and I wanted to give the audience a hero in the vain of Han Solo. His performance in films like Children of Men, Serenity, and 12 Years a Slave makes him the perfect candidate.



Before the Nazi party was created, its members where part of secret societies in Germany; the Thule Society and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn created the foundation of the Nazi philosophy. From the ashes of those two societies rose the Black Sun Cult, and in Stone of Destiny the cult is explored in depth. Victor Eckhart is one of the founding members whose focus is on the occult and finding ways to prove the superiority of the Aryan race.

I would love to see a great villain in the Indiana Jones films. I know it's a pipe dream but Daniel Day-Lewis would be the perfect casting for Victor. A man that must achieve a certain amount of respectability in social circles, especially after World War I and the effects of the Treaty of Versailles, but is still capable of an evil Mr. Hyde transformation in heated moments. Or maybe I just want to see him fly off the handle, telling Indy that he drank his milkshake.


Join Abner's Journal next week for EPISODE 4: SATURDAY MORNINGS, where we take a closer look at one unique way to market the Indiana Jones reboot.

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