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El Mayimbe has offered his latest scoop, claiming that there will, indeed, be a Jason Todd connection in Dawn of Justice. And the history behind the character (and the villain responsible for his death) won’t be contained to just one movie in DC’s shared universe:

"Jason Todd’s uniform is in a display case inside the Batcave! In fact, The Joker & Harley Quinn are estranged in SUICIDE SQUAD because she feels guilt over the death of Todd. I’m also told that the RED HOOD is now a priority character for DC."

so we know or we can hope that the red hood is going to be in the batman and superman family . As fan may get excited because the horizon red hood is going to provide will be tremendous also the anti-hero shade of redhood makes him fan favorite.

As El mayimbe offered us only about the uniform in display case but what if zack snyder is already casted red hood and we all know him.

" first redhood appeared in the man behind the red hood had an red helmet over his head and wanted to get retired after a big robbery. something went wrong inside the chemical factory and he fell in those chemicals . His hair turned green and skin white these changes put him upon the edge of madness and we all call him JOKER "

Hold on there is another alternate - " where a man a stand-up comedian with his pregnant wife living a peaceful life. Some local goons hired him and he accepted that offer for some quick bucks. Well this gang known as red hood gang and these people put red hood on his face. But before the robbery he came to know that his pregnant wife lost his kid and her life in an accident. He wanted to go back but the red hood gang stops him . Again something went wrong and he fell into chemical pit. Here came our JOKER "

now please mark the difference between these stories in first he got insane after falling and in this second scenario insanity strikes him before which is quite rich and providing more depth to the character.

now jason todd - the robin red hood theory

" someday robin killed by joker as per batman perception but saved by talia-ul-gu and came back to life by lazarus pitt. Due to this he lost his emotion and memories and became red hood which we have seen in batman animated movie and best known redhood origin also"

We know JOKER is going to appear in suicide squad and batman vs superman is striking before that . So we have a huge potential to introduce joker first time with a nice back story in the form of red hood not as mentioned in comics but by merging jason todd and joker's red hood both because we are already going to see the physically comparable JOker as per batman standards also.

and also we know alfred doing many thing else than only household works in batman vs superman.

My theory -

jason todd working with batman when batman was in late 30's or early 40's. One day jason has to stay with his wife because she's pregnant or gonna deliver situation but batman asked jason to come with him firstly he refused. Batman insisted on the name of world before family thesis. Jason went there but that was a trap by two or three villans ( scarecrow , hush and riddlers........reason choosing them- don't want to open my aces for killing robin as ras-ul-gu and penguine ) . Now in these miss-hap batman lost his consciousness for a while and during this moment they all went for jason todd . The chemicals of scarecrow somehow reacted upon jason . Jason thought batman won't came back for him as the trio said to him that "batman's gone". The roof fall upon and Jason suddenly went inside main hole there.
Hush-scarecrow-riddler came back in search of him but suddenly saw batman coming they ran and shouted for riddler to come with them as robin is dead . Wounded batman when reached at the place a burning wood log fell upon him . He again fainted but alfred send batmobile by tracing his situation when saw low heart beat or pulses (well alfred can easily insist this to wear or attached with his or inside batman suit for bruce's security) at the bat cave moniter . But inside the main hole that dirty water reacted even more with those chemicals and bleached his skin in an acidic manner. Jason took 3-4 days to recover in those severe lines due to his appearance and health. When he reached home silently, found his wife dead due to the shock that jason is dead . Now jason took bruce as the reason for his loss and neither bruce came in search of him. jason went insane over the theory of society over family and started hating everything related with hope and batman. that's how JOKER came and he knows bruce is batman. And that's why batman many times feels jason is alive"

idk weather you people gonna like this or not but please please please provide your valuable reviews over this or also tell if you had any theory regarding this



who would you like to see as jason if joker or jaret leto is not jason........

please comment share follow.......thanks for your time


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