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Sebastian Charles Carr

Dear Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige,

My name is Sebastian Carr, I am an 18 year old, “up and coming” actor from Melbourne, Australia and I am the perfect Peter Parker. Before I get started I would like to address the fact that I am a huge follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I’m constantly obsessing over the movies that Kevin has graced us with. I also delve into Marvel comics as much as I can but because of the lack of comic stores in my area, I haven’t collected as much I would like.

Regardless, Marvel comics/cinema have always been a huge part of my life but not because I had been passed down a passion of them from my elders or because a friend forced it upon me. I was drawn to these stories all by myself simply because Marvels depiction of their heroes tell the reader that anyone can do the right thing even whilst there are hardships going down in their lives.

Just like Peter Parker I was a bit of an outcast, I was overweight and I hated myself for it. However, just like Peter, I was able to find something I was proud of that made my completely oblivious to my weight. I’m talking about Acting. In High School I was bullied for being fat, but as soon as I went on stage I felt like a different person, just as Peter does when he dons his costume and also I’m pretty good at it too (if I do say so myself).

My Mother and Father are both heavily involved with local amateur and semi-professional theater, both of them were on the boards of award winning theater companies and had themselves won awards for acting and directing. Due to this hobby, I was around theater constantly from an early age and I picked up a thing here or there which I then put into practice at school.

In High School I quickly became the “Drama guy" and I became pretty darn good at acting on a stage. I was a lead role in all school musicals and won a local award for my portrayal of “Nicely Nicely Johnson” in “Guys and Dolls”. I then decided to take a step further and did a course for screen acting with the Australian College of the Dramatic Arts.

I have now finished my certificate in that and graduated High School last year. This year I performed at the Melbourne Arts Center (The hub of entertainment in Victoria) in a showcase of the best Solo performances for the state, in my graduating year. My performance was based on “Percy Jackson: and the Lightning Thief” and just between us, I killed it, I had the audience laughing in hysterics. I felt so powerful, and that's when the news of this new MCU Spider-man movie came out. With my new found confidence I am now certain that I can pull off playing Spidey. As I am a very good comedic actor, one of the first things I would bring to Spidey is quite simply, the fun. Spider-Mans quips are one of the most appealing part of the superhero and I want to bring that to the big screen for (lets face it) the first time. Spider-man in the MCU has to be as funny or if not, funnier than RDJ. I think I can manage that.

But I now hear you asking, “If you’re overweight? how are you going to be Spider-Man? He’s skinny!” my answer to that is CGI.

Just Kidding.

In 2013 I lost 25 kilos to get a girl to like me, I failed, BUT I am now 80 kilos and although I have put on a little since 2013 if I got the role of Spider-Man I would shed fat like snake skin (just as Chris Pratt did). Now, I'm not asking for the role, I just ask to be considered. I know how much you like risks, Kevin and I am one that would pay off massively. As a struggling actor this might just be a positive thing for my career and think of the awesome PR you’ll get for hiring an up and coming actor instead of an established one that fans may hate. Fan boys can’t hate me because they don’t know me! Anyway, thank you for reading this if there’s a chance you got to this point without stopping to go and make billions of fans happy (including this one) I appreciate it. If you want to have a Skype session that would be cool, just email me on [email protected]

Your new Spider-Man,
Sebastian Carr

Myself in "GUYS AND DOLLS"
Myself in "GUYS AND DOLLS"

Here's a short film I wrote, directed and stared in for a high school Media project.

[email protected]

Melbourne, Australia.

PS: I just realized it would suck if you were wanting Spidey to be Miles Morales.


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