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Tron: Legacy was released back in 2010 and it seems they are finally getting around to making a sequel. Set in the world of the original Tron movie from 1982, Legacy truly made the world its own. We even got to see Jeff Bridges transformed into a young villain named Clu via CGI. No word yet if Jeff Bridges will be returning to the Grid but there are high hopes for this movie. Olivia Wilde who played Quorra and Garrett Hedlund who played Sam Flynn will officially be returning to the sequel.

Word is this film will start filming in the Fall up in Vancouver, BC. One thing I am hoping for with the new installment is focusing on the other citizens in The Grid. Recently in the cartoon show Tron: Uprising we got to see a whole new world. In a way the main character Beck (Elijah Wood) plays a character reminiscent to Terry McGinnins in Batman Beyond. He takes on the mantle of Tron aka The Renegade in his plan to stop Clu 2 and General Tesler. Its action packed and makes for a good story. Maybe we will get some of the story lines from Tron: Uprising in the new movie.

What do you want in a new Tron movie?


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