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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Since Nintendo head-honcho Satoru Iwata basically kicked the idea of a Netflix branded Legend of Zelda series down the well of disappointment, and the subsequent, yet not surprising delay of Zelda Wii U, we've been reeling from this veritable sucker punch of properly crappy news. Well, I have at least. And it f*cking smarts.

"Goodbye, fun. Nice knowing you."
"Goodbye, fun. Nice knowing you."

Despite all the worries and issues raised by the idea of a Zelda series (Link should never speak), I thought it would have been amazing to have indulged in a "Game of Thrones for families" live action adventure through Hyrule, alas it ain't gonna happen so we move on to the realms of fan made content.

Like this brilliant Zelda and Game of Thrones fan made video by YouTuber Megasteakman called 'Game of Hyrule,' which mashes up the Link to the Past world map and GoT's brilliant CGI opening sequence in meticulously badass detail.

Also, keep an ear primed for Mattia Cupelli's wonderfully understated theme too, as it subtly intertwines the Zelda and GoT theme songs to stunning effect.

Right, enough talk:

(Source: Megasteakman/YouTube)


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