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I've always really liked the seasons structure for Anime. Every anime has a set amount so usually they won't get cancelled even if sometimes you don't get a second season when you really want one since America isn't it's main audience. Then the dates always line up so when one 24 episode season ends it's time for the next set of anime to roll out. It's pleasant because it's like every season in pilot season while also getting another season of old favorites just in case you're not feeling the new set of anime, which happens sometimes although rarely.

This is going to be a pretty long one considering around 32 anime are currently being released this season. I wanted to do a Youtube video about Winter 2015 but I don't have the equipment I want really and I'm still not as comfortable in front of the camera or with my speaking voice as I'd like to be. I decided to compromise and still do Spring 2015 but just as a moviepilot article since I've been doing pretty ok up here.

So your computer doesn't explode, I'm going to take it easy on the pictures in this one and more than likely won't include any animated gifs no matter how much that hurts my soul. Also to reduce some of the reading time I'm going to focus more on opinion rather than a straight up review. Mostly because it's only the first episodes and general reaction to them. With that said this season is going to be broken up into 2 different stacks. Returning, and New. I won't be doing every single show because some I can't form an opinion on due to not watching the previous seasons, especially ones like Fate/Stay which is on it's fourth season? maybe. It wouldn't be very fair for me to down on a show's later season and haven't watched or enjoyed an earlier season.

Baby Steps: Season 2

I love Baby Steps. It's a great sports anime and very uplifting. I really like how the character is bad but he just keeps pushing harder and harder to learn more and more. The romance is extremely background here very rarely focused on but it's to be expected, a lot of these high school anime have it to where everyone is completely asexual and naive to the point where holding hands or even looking at each other is this remarkable milestone. Which I get though you have different types of shows and there's a cultural difference.

Like all sports anime, every thing counts but it's still takes the time to inform you about everything going on so you don't miss anything. The art style is great and it really keeps you on your toes about what's going to come next. Just because he's improving doesn't mean he is going to be this super overpowered character who can beat any opponent. You're never fully sure if he's going to win or lose the match until it gets to the end. That's great because it's like real sports, sure this guy might be the biggest, baddest boxer in all the land but that doesn't mean he won't get knocked down like anyone else if someone else just has his number that day.

First episode rating: 6/10: didn't add a whole lot to the plot but it did give us new characters and very well done character motivations.

I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying

This series is one of the many 3-4 minute shows out but it uses it's time wisely. It's kind of like all those cartoons on cartoon network that are only 15 minutes (with commercials) long except it's a 1/5 of that. It's fun though and manages to tell a fun little story each time. It's extremely entertaining and although the couple seems weird you can tell there's a lot of love there. The nice thing is the last season should only take you like an hour to watch minus load times. It's like 13 three minute episodes, and they're funny. More than that though they show a natural couple, without all the fanfare and the undying love. They're very plain and natural while at the same time very weird also. It's the kind of thing you have to watch to get.

First Episode Rating: 8/10 Once again uses it's time very well to tell a very good story. It's short and sweet. Doesn't completely continue off from the end of the last season's plot though but isn't completely necessary to do right now either.

It's youtube though so it might be gone within the week.

High School DXD: BorN

If you have any problem with large bare breasts this is not the show for you. Considering this is the third season if you're watching it you should already know what you're getting into but just in case you might happen over it by accident, let me say again, if you have any problems with large, curvaceous, bare animated body parts, do not watch this show. From the second you turn it on, Issei the harem king is in full dream sequence with all the bare beasts you can handle.

I'm pretty open really, I don't mind ecchi shows, honestly if I had to watch it with someone I'd be a little uncomfortable and having the volume up with these kinds of shows is risky but I'm pretty fine with it. The female body is a marvelous thing. If you can get past the bouncing lady parts, random nudity, and other uncomfortable situations, there is actually a very sweet and interesting storyline and relationship dynamic going on underneath.

I watched the first episode without realizing that I had only gotten seven episodes into New so I had to go back and finish watching that one after I finished that episode but I didn't miss a whole lot, there was a new character who I didn't know about but it didn't really change the story too much. After they said his name I was onboard as anyone else. That's the interesting thing, New had quite a few things that you needed to know for context but strangely enough if you didn't watch New you'd still know what's going on, it's explained in universe pretty well.

Also if you can, take a second to think of how many cross dressing males you've seen in anime and then take another second to think of how many crossing females you've seen in anime. Which number is higher? Tell me in the comments. I always see the girl as a guy in unwanted harems, while the guy as a girl is, well everywhere else really, but especially with the pervert guy main character.

First episode rating 7/10: It did well to build onto the lore and character relationships of the previous seasons

Oregairu: My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu

I'm not too crazy about the redesign for the art style. I've never really liked the washed out colors at the top. The faces seem to be more realistic and slender, rounder in some places rather than the kind of boxy style it was previously. I'm just a very colorful person inside so I'd like my characters to be bright and vibrant, I felt that clash with the bleak and poignant outlook of Hachiman really added to and improved the show. I understand though that this season might be going in a different direction than last season which makes this new art style the most able to evoke the emotional responses needed. American cartoons change their art styles between seasons all the time so I can't be mad.

There seems to be more of a focus on romance this season. It'll probably end up as a bitter clash between our two female leads. I'm interested in seeing where it goes. I still love Hachiman and Saika's interactions, it's just hilarious. My favorite scene will always be episode 7 where Hachiman is tricked into coming on a volunteer trip only to be overjoyed Saika will be joining them.

First episode rating: 8/10: wasted no time jumping right back into the plot, gave us a good look at what we're getting from the rest of the season.


Nothing has changed much as far as art style, the direction has changed somewhat though, seeming to be more focused on Chitoge and Raku but that may just be for this episode only. I've never really liked Chitoge and Raku as a couple. I don't really know why but they were never a couple that I was hoping for, and there's been plenty of times when I've seen shows like this where people pretend to be together and I'm shooting for them to actually get together. This just isn't one of them. I'm more hopeful for Raku and Onodera or Raku and Tsugumi. There's nothing really wrong with Chitoge as a person I'd just prefer her as more of a supporting role. There's not really a whole lot to say for this one, if you liked the first season you should like this one too. I'm glad Raku got his locket back though even if he can't open it yet. I hope they merchandise it, I wouldn't mind having one. Reminds me of when I got my Vongola Family rings. Those are from Reborn! for those who didn't watch it.

First episode rating: 6/10: a little weak in some areas and didn't give enough attention to the other characters that make up the show. Did jump right back in to the plot though and explored the Chitoge/Raku relationship

Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma

Easily one of my favorite new ones this season. Soma the main character helps his dad run his small restaurant. It's extremely entertaining and strangely seriously shonen for a show about a guy cooking. You'd think he was about to start chopping people up with that knife but nope it's a straight forward cooking anime. However it seems like a running theme will be him having to make foods through unconventional means while still achieving incredible flavors.

It's ecchi but it uses it's ecchiness in one of the most creative ways. This is not a show you want to watch while you're hungry or while you're eating. It's a food show so you already know it's going to destroy you watching it if you're hungry. If you're on a diet go ahead and skip right past this. The reason why I say don't watch it while you're eating though is that you will see the delicious looking food but even worse than that you'll see how the people react to eating the food. That will kill you. No lie, I was eating a sandwich and suddenly I wasn't satisfied with my sandwich anymore because it wasn't making me feel the nearly orgasmic way they did when they ate. So just a warning, it will mess up your relationship with whatever is on your plate.

My problem with a lot of these shows is that the villain seems to doing all these illegal things and the character chooses to break them down in some crazy way rather than just getting the police involved. This is such a small point in the overall scheme that it barely warrants mentioning though but that kind of annoyed me, that the woman could so frankly state that she trashed the store and nothing got done about it. In fact she got a great meal without even having to pay for it. Also, he very clearly could have said the restaurant is closed he does partially own the thing.

It's pretty straight forward shonen. I have faith that one of three things will happen. Either he graduates from the school, he doesn't graduate but goes back to living his regular life the way he pleases, he doesn't graduate but is somehow placed in a position of power at the school. Like how Naruto becomes Hokage despite the fact that he's still a genin.

First episode rating 10/10: Fantastic start, gave us as much character quirks, personality and motivation as possible without sacrificing plot. Demonstrated exactly what we should be looking forward to for the rest of the season and was paced well.

Seraph of the End

The picture alone is going to be a pretty big spoiler for the first episode. The first episode starts pretty dramatic, basically everyone over 13 in Japan are dead from some virus that stupid people made that was accidentally released, shit gets real almost immediately, planes crash and all kinds of crap. So you'd think that everyone over 13 is dead, that means the kids get to have a super crazy party and live rule free until they eventually turn 13 themselves and die off like some dark version of Codename: Kids Next Door, but no such luck because the vampires come out from hiding and decide to take over the city making all the kids their slaves, less than dirt and also a good food source. The main character in true protagonist fashion decides he's going to kill all the titans. . . . I mean vampires.

You ever just know everything is about to go to shit? Like everything seems good and everyone is about to be really happy and then bam shitstorm. Like the scene where Eren is standing on the wall like yeah I'm here everything is going to be ok and then the colossal titan just poofs behind him like "yeah sure, whatever you say". The first episode is like that. Just bam everything bad.

If I had to think of something to compare it to I'd say it's Black Bullet meets Code Geass minus the giant robots. It has the tragic beginnings of Code Geass with the overall tones, directions and art styles of Black Bullet. I have to say though I am in love with the main character's suit. Black and green are my favorite colors so if they ever merchandise anything from this show with those colors I'll definitely be buying. The first episode doesn't really give you any kind of context for what's going to happen in the show later though, honestly it seems like the first episode is a completely different in overall tone but I could be wrong. It looks like it's going to be heading towards more of an action tragedy like Black Bullet but it could be more of a general drama/tragedy like Coppelion which is actually a viable direction for it to go but I hope not.

First episode rating: 8/10: Gave us backstory and motivations. Didn't introduce any present characters however or any reveal of current skills. Good use of time jumps in order to fit the whole backstory into one episode and not waste more time than needed.

Triage X

I have a semi long history with anime, I've watch Maken-ki, Oomamori Himari, To Love Ru, Testament of Sister New Devil, High school DXD, High School of the Dead, Sekirei, Kodomo No Jikan, Freezing, DearS, long story short I've seen A LOT of fanservice, never before has it bothered me like it did with this show. I thought I was desensitized to it. This was just a whole new level of completely unnecessary. It wasn't even justifiable. Just redonkulously huge breasts for almost every female character, even the younger teen idol looking girl. It looks like a fairly interesting story though and you don't have to dive underneath layers of filth to find it either the main plot has nothing to do with the fact that they're so scantily dressed kind of like in High School of the Dead, similar art styles too. If someone told me the same person made both, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

The plot seems fairly vanilla, usual but the character motivation is definitely something new that I hadn't seen before. I still can't really get a handle on the character's though, they're all still very much in the wind right now. I don't know a single person's name yet, not that they weren't stated just hard to follow amidst all the insanity. Although the name was clearly explained I still don't completely get it. Triage is meant to determine urgency of treatments needed to minimize mortality, that I get. So the main character is the treatment, his victims are the illness, and the patient is society? I assume. One of us has to be using triage wrong because the way I'm explaining doesn't sound at all like how they're explaining it and he makes it seem like triage is a thing a person can own, like a sin or a lie. Does a doctor's triage mean a doctor's choice in this scenario then?

First Episode Rating: 6/10: Good action, good main character introductions and motivations. Points off for personal decency.

Ore Monogatari: My Love Story

I lied earlier, this one is my true favorite this season. I didn't have high hopes for this show because I thought it was a part of the other monogatari series and that was always really weird. Those of you who watched the brother/sister toothbrush scene know what I'm talking about. However, I found I instantly loved this show, I identified with this character so much. None of the girls I liked ever liked me back and I never knew when anyone actually did like me. I always figured whatever girl I liked must like someone else and I always cheered them on while they chased after the other guy, even going as far as to talk them up to the other person. So watching this show really brought back some memories for me in a good way. This is the first love story I've seen in a while that wasn't centered around the female but rather the male. At least not your usual pure romance and not some crazy harem romantic comedy.

Just as much as it's a story about love though it's also a story about friendship. The overarching story always draws back to the red and blue ogres folk tale. The red ogre wanted to be friends with humans but they were afraid so the blue ogre came up with a plan to make the red ogre a hero. That always draws back to the friendship between Takeo and Suna, Suna always playing the villain for Takeo's sake. I have a lot of respect for that. I couldn't bear to wait for more and went ahead and read the manga since the show was just beginning. I like the manga just as much and the show follows the manga almost exactly but don't worry I haven't said anything that isn't in the first episode.

First Episode Rating: 10/10: Great plot, great characters, and great motivation of main character. The character interactions are nicely done. It's fun and has a good humor to it even if it's not laugh out loud funny. Ends at a good point leaving you wanting to know more and continue on.

DanMachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Three words: Loli Oppai Goddess. Apparently there's this Goddess with the appearance of a 13 year old who is actually like thousands of years old and she has large oppai. Why this needed to be a thing I have no idea. This is a depressing season for female body image in anime. I attempted to read the light novel a while back but didn't get very far, maybe like the second page. Short attention span I guess. However from what I read the beginning of the anime follows it almost like it ripped it out of the book, it was impressive. I wish America would make cartoons from books, more than just movie animations like How to Train Your Dragon but real animated tv shows, maybe some for adults. I think we need to put more focus into animated shows overall, everything animated seems to be on the internet because tv stations just won't take it seriously enough.

Anyway, about the show. It seems to be less about the action and more about plot and character oriented. Sort of like Hitsugi No Chaika meets Outbreak Company with an art style leaning more towards Outbreak Company. However, that's just a first episode assumption of course. It seems like it'll be more emotional than comedy though, you probably won't be falling down laughing with this show. The storyline kind of reminds me of Witch Craft Works where a guy falls for a vastly superior female. I've always kind of liked the reverse on the typical gender roles where the guy doesn't have to be super strong to get the girl but this anime doesn't seem like it's taking the same direction, rather it appears like the guy will work hard to become someone worthy of the woman like History's Mightiest Disciple Kenichi. I just hope it ends better than Kenichi does.

As for voices, everyone seems on point but I wish the goddess' voice was a little less preteen, it's already weird enough with the visuals it'd be nicer if she had an older sounding voice. Bell has the pretty standard protagonist voice, so does Aiz but she also has the aloof monotone thing going on that I've always loved. Also, there's this one redhead girl who seems to be trying to make the moves on Aiz, her voice is kind of annoying too. I've always wondered also, when there's dark skinned characters in anime, are they supposed to represent Indians? Considering India's location in relation to Japan it would be more likely for them to be representing Indians than say Africans, but also I've seen Thai people representing with darker skin too.

First Episode Rating: 9/10: Fantastic character introductions, and motivations. Respectable attempt at action. Great showing of skills and explanations of lore. 1/2 point off for loli boobs.

Denpa Kyõshi: Ultimate Otaku Teacher

I'd like to think I'd be this kind of teacher if I ever grew up. Jun'Ichiro Kagami is a super genius who uses his brain and otaku knowledge to help his students the best way he can. I assume. The art style is kind of dated, it looks like an early 2000s anime. I can relate to Kagami-sensei in some ways though, sometimes I think I have YD, only able to do things I yearn to do. Inferring from the opening it'll probably start out with a student problem of the week type story until it has a full cast which might be at least 8 episodes, then it will go into more overarching stories of his role as a teacher. That's just my future prediction though, don't hold me to it.

One thing that kind of annoys me is how violent girls are in these types of animes, the sister goes after him with a bat, the student cold cocks him in the face for voicing an opinion, it's just eh. I know you have to have every type of person but that's just always one that has annoyed me in this type of show. There's not really a whole lot to say about it, it's pretty straightforward teacher saves the day. If you've watch Oregairu, he solves problems in a similar fashion to Hachiman just less overall pessimism.

First Episode Rating: 7/10: While the main character is fun there's not a whole lot of substance to the story, No real overarching plot. Added one point for anime being used to solve the world's problem and another point for the excellent way this episode's problem was solved.


This is a very enjoyable show about a girl who can see ghosts and has an interesting time in her daily life because of it. It is confusing though for the whole lore of how ghosts usually work, commonly you help a ghost out and they become so happy they pass on but while it seemed like that's the direction is was going with this it completely went left and just had the ghosts hanging out even after they were fulfilled. That's confusing because people die every 10 seconds so if that is true the whole world is literally filled to the brim with ghosts. It's not like ghosts just now started being unsatisfied. Hopefully they do what every ghost show does and adds the exorcist person who forces the ghosts to pass on and is the main rival antagonist. Something that helps make sense of it at least. Also the protagonist seemed generally distraught that her ghost friend was gone, wouldn't most people who talk to ghost be delighted that they were able to move on even if they had to say goodbye? It's so confusing. It's still a fun anime to watch though and I look forward to seeing the deal with the other characters and how the story progresses.

First Episode Rating: 7/10: Funny, and interesting. Not enough explanation for any of the supporting characters. They just appear later as the protag's friends. Really like the art style though.

Hibike! Euphonium

One of my biggest complaints with a lot of these shoujo anime is that they are too slow paced for their own good, relying too much on emotion rather than actual plot and pacing. Kimi Ni Todoke will always be the gold standard to me in regards to what a shoujo anime should strive to be. From episode 1, we have all integral character introductions, motivations, plot, and the major problem. However, we get to Hibike Euphonium and what we have is character introductions and major problem. I'm not completely sure what is driving most of these people, I don't really understand half of the characters, and we have two seemingly major characters who we got just an introduction to and nothing else. Nothing remotely showing how they fit into the story. Honestly I don't have any clue what kind of direction this story is going in, it gives the appearance that this main character doesn't have any true desire when it comes to music competition and is completely apathetic but then it also shows that she actually does love playing and can obviously tell the skill level of people playing. I'll keep watching for the sake of science and my American otaku pride but I don't have much hope for the direction this story is taking.

First Episode Rating: 4/10: It was treated like a second season first episode. It didn't really establish the characters well, and wasted too much time. It didn't explain the nature of the choir club or why they aren't doing well despite having seasoned members. It didn't leave anything to attract me to a future episode. The art style is nice though and the glasses wearing choir member was fun.


This doesn't seem like it's trying to achieve a whole lot. I don't mean that in a negative way just a general observation. None of the character seem like anything we haven't seen before in this kind of anime a million times, it's basically Kagome and Inuyasha all over again. He's the aloof guy who actually cares a lot, she's the normal girl who happens to have powers but doesn't really care enough to actually make any use of them. They're fantasy world seems pretty basic rules also, if a ghost with unresolved issues stays in this world too long they start going all wonky killer, and they need to go to this spirit city that's kind of spiritual limbo in order to go into the big wheel in the sky. I'll give it to them though they've done a good job with their first episode, it clearly shows who the main characters are and their motivations, their own personal problems he being poor and she not really wanting to see ghosts. They've set up the whole "forgotten past" plot point. It's a pretty solid start if not a little over simplistic. If you like the genre of the guy and girl not really liking each other at first but then grow to have a bond as he opens the world up to the girl like so many other shows then I'd recommend it. At least you know what you're getting out of it.

First Episode Rating: 5/10: Kind of underwhelming and predictable. 1/2 point off for her puke colored hair. Looking at it made me nauseous.

Wish Upon A Pleiades

I still have the hardest time not seeing Magical Girl Madoka when I look at them. I guess it's just the coloring but I felt like it was a continuation of Madoka with a weird name. As they go in the anime and they start moving though you can almost immediately tell it's not because they have seemingly completely different personalities to the Madoka Magica girls. At least from what I remember of them. The blue one and the Madoka pink one might still be the same though. M y first though was that Subaru doesn't seem main character material, I haven't completely abandoned that feeling still especially with her overly childlike voice. It seems like a nice enough show. It has an interesting premise of trying to find spaceship engine parts for some weird alien thing. It seems to play on the fact that there's a dark side of the moon though which there isn't but I guess science doesn't play a bit part in this. However I'm curious of what magic these magical girls actually have. They don't seem to even fully understand what they're doing and why. Also the bad guy(?) seems a little weird, even by villain standards. It does seem like it's going down the whole wish fulfillment road though which is kind of confusing.

First Episode Rating: 6/10: Set up a lot of good stuff. The problem is, the powers are unknown. three of the five girls are relatively unknown, and it doesn't set up a true direction for the show or explanation behind any of the core details. Also had strange pacing.


I can honestly say, I have no clue what is going on in this anime. Why is he a ghost? Why a talking cat? Why is the cat there in the first place? Why panties of all things? What's up with girls in this show that every time they move their panties are showing? Dude has worse luck than Rito, at least Rito gets to cop a feel, Yuuta looks at anything stimulating and the world gets destroyed. I can't fully form an opinion on this just because it was so insane I can't possibly even speculate on what is going to happen in the future. I'm definitely going to keep following this show though it does seem like the whacky anime of the season.

First Episode Rating: 8/10: Fun and somewhat funny. Wasted just a tad too much time on irrelevant things and was strangely paced.


This seems to be a fun little show. It's very reminiscent of that one show Hero Bank as far as fighting and needing other's help to improve your skills. The one where the kid in the hero costume fights other people for money. The plot is interesting but kind of vague, basically the Cat got left out of the Chinese Zodiac due to the rat tricking it, and I assume it has to get strong enough in order to get in, maybe? The show is extremely meta in some places, it talks about the part A and part B of the show which I've always been lost about the reasoning behind that but I guess it does make the show structure better. Part A introduces the problem part B fixes it.

The characters are kind of vanilla and usual, one being the comic relief and the other the straight man. The first episode focused majority of it's time on comedy though taking small stints out to explain the actual plot to the straight man character and through him the viewers. There's still the question of this power stuff they need to fight, does it form in the animal shape of whoever is receiving it or is it always a cat. Also are we going to see other zodiac animals with partners like the cat obviously has now? That's a major question because through the show they've been walking around asking people if they remember the zodiac animals and there didn't seem to be any human partners. Is that because they're already a part of the zodiac so people remembering them in the zodiac means they automatically get powers? That would be a little unfair. I don't expect a whole lot out of this show but I'll watch it just in case.

First episode rating: 5/10: Slightly underwhelming and has a plot that clashes with the genre and art style. Also oversexualizing a loli character.

Plastic Memories

Seems like a pretty solid show, A good mix of drama and comedy. From the show's plot alone there is obviously going to be a lot of emotion. The disappointing part of this is how sadistic this company seems. They give these people these androids that reflect their true desires for family, either a smart business man son or a precious granddaughter but then they take them away because the company puts an expiration date on their hardware. It begs the question of what's more important having love and losing it or not having it at all. It's very philosophical but in the form of a somewhat lighthearted slice of life anime. I wish the females in this show were a little more diverse, you have the rude superior who is too busy with her work to actually give you the time of day, you have the rude senior coworker who is dismissive for the sake of being dismissive and you have the semi-rude robot partner who is cold and pretends that she is a computer when she doesn't want to answer things. I look forward to seeing where they go with it, hopefully I won't be disappointed and they will come to blows with this company who is ripping emotions apart for the sake of a dollar.

First Episode Rating 8/10: Characters aren't extremely diverse or interesting but does set up main female character motivations well. Seems more plot based than character led.

Gunslinger Stratos

This had a pretty solid and exciting start. I don't really know what to make of what's going on, I've never played the game or anything of the sort. It has the overall feel of The Irregular at Magic High School, a guy who should be more important isn't because of circumstances outside of his control, and a girl who follows him around and is equally impressive in her own right but has better circumstances. The main difference is Tohru's circumstance seems to be that he was born into a poorer family than his female companion Kyoka. I really enjoy the mystery of what's going on and where have they been sent to before it's finally revealed. The guns looked kind of silly though. The way they were shaped, but I think it just might be the practice pistols that look that way. It has a dark action vibe to it, but also a feel of anarchy and anti-government.

First Episode Rating: 8/10: Good action, good character introductions, introductions to skills and character motivations. Doesn't set up the lore extremely well. Wasted a little more time than needed in some places, but does set up the tone well. Good use of a cliffhanger.

Arslan Senki

I think I saw an ad for this at the end of Seven Deadly Sins so I was expecting it to be similar to that. It was as far as time periods go but that's about it. The royal family seem like a pleasant loving bunch don't they? I wish they were my parents. I liked this anime though. Very quickly they showed the problems with two opposing ideologies, how the Lusitanians believe that all man are created equal under their God yet anyone who doesn't agree with their views are different and deserved to be killed, how the Parisians pretend that their ways are amazing because they have financial wealth, prosperity and foreign animals yet they also hold people to different positions in society having others beneath them as slaves. The art style is very nicely done and very fluid. The questions of philosophy and morality posed are interesting and a young prince having to deal with the question of what makes a good king is somewhat compelling.

We have a king whose respect for his greatness and his power, having killed a lion at the age of thirteen, then we have a prince who is seemingly loved for kind heart. Despite being kind hearted and curious though he seems to show no disagreement with the current workings of society and them owning other humans which is a hugely noticable thing in itself that some people grow up believing something and never really care to challenge it even though morally wrong since it hasn't affected them in any way. I wish there was more of an introduction to Duryan though, it would seem he's an important part of this show but he has very little interaction.

First Episode Rating 10/10: Great story and question posed. Good dialogue and character introductions. Also made me want a hawk. Set up the overall tone well.

Anime I didn't talk about

  • Takamiya Nasuno Desu!: Completely random 2 minute short, not enough to talk about
  • Hello!! Kin'iro Mosaic season 2: haven't finished season 1.
  • Uta No Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions: Don't like reverse harems, didn't like the direction of the first one.
  • Ame-iro Cocoa: Bishonen short with no real plot involved.
  • Teekyuu 4: haven't started Teekyu yet.
  • Diamond no Ace: Second Season: still on season 1
  • Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu: Never been into the Haruhi Suzumiya series. I don't get the attraction
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: starting season 1 next week.
  • Vampire Holmes: Just not feeling any vibe from it. I don't get the comedy or wordplay going on and just don't think there's enough to base an opinion on.
  • Gintama (2015): Not finished with the first one
  • Kaitou Joker Second Season: Haven't started first one
  • Aki No Kanade: Not even a little interested
  • Ghost in the Shell Arise: no clue where to even start with Ghost in the Shell
  • Digimon Adventures Tri: Really have no clue when this is supposed to come out. They said April but other sources say July.
  • Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

I'll probably end up doing a full on actual review of almost all of these after they end. I admit I didn't talk much about the actual plot. I just wanted to put my thoughts and opinions of these out there. I'd recommend checking them out yourself just in case your opinion may be different, and if it is tell me all about it in the comments. I always say there's an anime out there for everyone so do your best to find what you like.


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