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In the sequel that no one asked for, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke return for another time hopping adventure, this time they travel to the past, which is actually the future to stop Lou's (Corddry) murder.

John Cusack (2012) who lead the first film didn't return for the sequel and for good reason, he probably read the script. Adam Scott (Step Brothers) steps in as Adam's (Cusack) son who the three discover in the future.

The first film was a forgettable comedy but it had its high points which mainly benefited from nostalgia as the group traveled into the past. Here, the film takes us into the future and the cracks are a lot more obvious.

Unlike the first film, this sequel lacks a straight man, the character which balances out the stupid characters, Cusack played that role pretty well in the first film, but with him gone, Rob Corddry takes center stage and has no-one to hold him back. But it's not just Corddry, all of the characters here seem to be dumb, even Adam Scott who has proven to play the straight man very well in the past is reduced down to a gullible moron.

The group used their knowledge of the future to their advantage and are now more successful than they have any right to be. Lou invented "Lougle" which has taken the place of Google, Nick (Robinson) is the biggest pop star in the world, ripping off the most popular songs of all time but Jacob (Duke) is stuck as his dad's butler.

The film's comedy is certainly on track with the first films sense of humor and tries to be as raunchy as it can but comes off as sophomoric. I'd call the film offensive but it's too stupid to deserve that title.

What the film does get right is its time travel aspect, nods to popular songs and movies were packed throughout and a couple of these references could warrant a chuckle now and again but after a while it seems as though the screenwriter was throwing in every single reference that came to mind without realizing how forced they actually sound.

The movie does offer a laugh now and again, but they're too few and far between to merit this movie as being funny.

All of the actors in this film have proved that with the right material they can be funny but the blame here has to be put on the script and direction of the film. Steve Pink directed both this and the first film and has done good work in the past with films like "High Fidelity" but this came off as a half-assed effort from everyone on board.

I'd recommend staying clear of "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" even if you are a fan of its predecessor. This is a lazy sequel that adds nothing but negative thoughts to the original film.


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