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Okay so I know that there is a lot of major controversy on The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones movie & curiosity on whether or not there will either be a sequel or a remake into a television show.

I myself am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare's writing of course The Mortal Instrument series being my favorite. I have all six books & am currently in the middle of the final book. Needless to say I am obsessed with the entire series & I was extatic whenever the premier of City of Bones came out. Just like everyone else in our little fandom I was both impressed & displeased with the film.

Every readers dream is for their books to come alive & it be exactly like the book. So why they decided to change the whole order of events? I may never know. I am in no way criticizing or bashing this film because overall it was amazing. It may not of followed the timeline of the book & skipped very important information & also put some events from the second & third book into the first movie. Why? Once again, I may never know.

Now, if you have never read the books & have watched the movie then you probably thought it was pretty good. Because I have heard & seen what directors did with the Twilight series I had to make sure that I left my knowledge of the book out when watching the film •[although it was extremely difficult]• My frustration came in many forms.

-They did not open out the film at Pandemonium as they did in the book.

-Jace, Alec & Isabella killed the demon on the dance floor, not the closet.

-Simon never originally went to the institute with Jace & Clary

-Clary passed out well before she even saw the Institute, she woke up there.

My list goes on. Frankly I loved the movie although I am upset that they epically failed at making all of the fans dreams come true as Clary & Jaces love story unfolds.

Now there has also been rumors about whether or not they will restart & make the series into a television show. I in fact am in love with the idea mainly because of the fact it can:

-Be more detailed

-Follow the series of events

-Each season could be a single book •[for a total of 6 books, then possibly another series with the Infernal Devices]•

Also many are worried that if it was to be turned into a television show would they keep the original cast whom we know & love from the movie? This question has rattled my brain for which there may be no answers. Although the producers & directors of City of Bones were disappointed with the movie box ratings & income of the movie I honestly think that if they were to make it into a television series that the obsession would only be stronger & quiet frankly the fandom will grow. Look at Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones & Gossip Girl. I didn't even know that they were books until the television shows came out.

Who says the same can't be done with The Mortal Instruments series & then depending on their success, possibly the Infernal Devices series & then the Bane Chronicals. The possibilities are endless.


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