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Attention all present and future guests of Walt Disney World: turn off your phone's front flash and just delete your Instagram altogether because WDW is banning the selfie stick on all rides and attractions.

Okay, those measures may be a little drastic, but the news remains true.

Now, the true background of this "policy change" needs a little clearing up. You see, it has always been a Disney Parks rule that you cannot stick any object out of a moving vehicle. Considering the amount of ride stoppages and technical difficulties caused by this unruly behavior, this policy is clearly in place for a reason.

This week, Disney World took it one step further by instructing all cast members on this rampant problem and how to handle it. Now, if you go rogue and try to get that coveted shot on Splash Mountain, a cast member will come over the PA system telling you to stow the item lest the ride be immediately stopped for everyone.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg
Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Major takeaway: don't pull out your selfie stick (or any other object) and ruin these wonderful rides for everyone else.

To ensure this epidemic doesn't persist, it seems possible you also won't be able to use the rod in line for rides. According to WDWNT, cast members who greet you at the start of rides have gotten special instruction to enforce stowing the selfie stick for the "entire experience," which might include queues and waiting areas. Cast members can't take them away from you, so it's up to guests to listen.

However, you'll still be able to use that divisive photographic aid everywhere else in the park, so don't start your Cinderella-inspired run for it just yet, selfie-lovers.

This remains one of the best GIFs of all time.
This remains one of the best GIFs of all time.

I must say that as a fan of fully operational rides - I'm completely behind this measure, and I'm hoping Disneyland and the rest of the Disney Parks make this same swift announcement.

I can only hope that using iPads as a camera will be the next thing on the chopping block (but I know I'm just living in a fairy tale).

What are your thoughts on selfie sticks at theme parks?


Do you agree with Disney World's choice to ban selfie sticks on rides?


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