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Most people are able to sit in a movie theatre, watch a scary film about ghosts, demons, monsters, and then return home as if nothing has happened.

But what do you do when real life and horror intersect? When you can't just return to the safety of your home and forget about murderers and poltergeists?

For these people, terror followed them, sometimes even to their front doors.

1. A Shocking Accident

This man was sadly involved in a horrifying automobile accident in 1945. How he ended up all the way atop on that telephone pole stumps my mind.

2. The Hospital Demon

This image of a demon was caught on a hospital security camera standing over a patient. The patient was then found dead a few hours later. Apparently, it is very common to capture dark spirits looming over patients on hospital cameras.

3. Real Life Vampira

In 1882 and 1884, Madam Violet of Edinburgh was voted scariest woman alive. She was apart of the notoriously dark vampire hive located in the U.K.

4. First Crop Circles, Now Mysterious Holes?

Starting in the 1980s, these mysterious holes began appearing in Russian forests. Those who have the guts to explore these holes have found them to go no where. There have been no reports on construction machine noises or sights of equipment and workers. How these mysterious holes came to be is a deep mystery.

5. John Torrington in the Flesh

In the 1840s, a group of men braved the "Northwest Passage," a seaway running through the Americas that would enable ships to reach the Far East moving through a more direct route. John Torrington and his crew's ship sunk, also causing the men to experience lead poisoning from leaking cans. The men attempted to travel through Canada by foot, but never made it. Torrington was found almost perfectly preserved due to permafrost.

6. Have You Met My Lovely Wife?

This man took this photo with his wife...who had actually died two days prior. Don't be fooled by her rosy cheeks.

7. Gettysburg Ghost

A man snatched this photo of an empty area. He later got it developed, only to find a ghost soldier wandering through the fields at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. It turns out that it is rather common to find unknown visitors in your photos when visiting Gettysburg.

8. Security Cam Footage of Elisa Lam Before Her Death

Elisa Lam was an exchange student from Canada visiting the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in 2013. This is the last known footage of Lam before she was found in a water tank atop the hotel a few weeks later, naked with her clothes floating around her. Although she was known to have depression and bi-polar disorder, many speculate that paranormal activity must have been involved based on her strange behavior in this video.

The most creepy part of the mystery is how Lam even made it atop the Cecil and into the water tank. There is strict security and an alarm set at the rooftop. Also, the lids on the water tanks are so heavy, the firefighters had to cut a hole into the tank to retrieve her body. How is it she was even able to get inside one of them in the first place?

9. The Black Doodler

This drawing may not be creepy, but the story behind it sure is.

In the 1970s, a man known as the "Doodler" or "The Black Doodler" would meet his victims at gay and drag queen bars and nightclubs, charming them with his charade as a shy artist. He would first sketch his prey, then he would have sex with them and murder them. In the span of a year, he had killed 14 men. Although the police questioned a suspect, his 3 surviving victims didn't want to testify against him in court, which would in turn publicly "out" them. Therefore, the Black Doodler was never properly identified.

10. Cannibal

Issei Sagawa is a real life cannibal. While in college, Sagawa was an exchange student in Paris, where he met Dutch student Renée Hartevelt. He tricked her into inviting her over with the intention of working on some poetry homework. Sagawa shot her, raped her, and then ate her over the span of two days. He tried to dump her body but was caught in the act.

Sagawa currently lives in Tokyo. It is strange to think that this man more or less walked off free of any consequences due to the fact he was found to be legally insane, was deported to Japan, and then later declared sane with strange sexual perversion. Therefore, he was able to leave as he pleased and attempt to blend back into society.

11. The Original Nightstalker's voice recording

This is the disturbing message the Original Nightstalker sent one of his victims. He was known to leave messages before and after he broke into his prey's homes, raped them, and then killed them. He was never caught.

Sure, you can lock your doors and you can burn some sage. But sometimes it seems like that just isn't enough. With all the ghosts, murderers, accidents, and such occurring in the world, all you can do is stand your guard and keep your eyes open.


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