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Jon Cryer from [Two and a Half Men](series:200558) had one of the most interesting relationships with Charlie Sheen that anyone can say they were able to have. He recently put out a memoir entitled So That Happened that explained how Sheen went from a professional and cordial member of the show to the ridiculous party-animal and irresponsible crazy-man that we all now know him to be.

Here are the nine craziest stories that Cryer recounted in the memoir, depicting Sheen as an at times endearing but mostly totally ridiculous man. He never got nasty with the musings, but he was open and honest about the struggles that Sheen faced.

? Also, big shout out to Vulture who compiled this list.

1. Cryer was introduced to porn star Ginger Lynn because of Sheen.

Charlie Sheen and Cryer first met on the set of Hot Shots (1991), a spoof of Top Gun.

"Charlie was hitting clubs and strip joints almost nightly," writes Cryer. "But his extracurricular fun never seemed to affect his work." Instead, he "got everything on the first take." At the time, Sheen was dating Ginger Lynn, a legend in the adult-film industry whom Cryer remembers as “a figure of some eminence in fantastical imaginings of mine inspired by filmic works typically found on store shelves shielded by a flimsy curtain.”

Interesting take on a porn star for sure.

2. Sheen asked Cryer to hide his porn stash.

Charlie Sheen's new wife at the time, Denise Richards, was visiting the set of the first season of Two and a Half Men, and Sheen told Cryer that he had a porn stash and needed help hiding it. He was panicky when he asked for Cryer's help. Cryer said, oddly enough, the stash was apparently a stack of topless magazines, which Cryer thought was actually surprisingly tame.

3. Sheen would show him pictures of vaginas.

Two and A Half Men
Two and A Half Men

During a time that both Sheen and Cryer were single in the second season of Two and a Half Men, Sheen would show Cryer pictures of vaginas of the women he was sleeping with. An odd brag of sorts, Cryer admitted they were "always [of] a perfectly nice-looking vagina."

4. One of the first women Cryer dated after his divorce also dated Sheen.

Two and A Half Men
Two and A Half Men

Cryer dated a woman he met through his trainer. He brought her around the set of Two and a Half Men, to which Sheen stared at her "blankly" when they met. He later told Cryer they had dated for a few months which promptly led to Cryer breaking up with her. I fully understand how that would be a little bit disappointing.

5. Martin Sheen had a very real wedding toast about Charlie.

The only words from Martin Sheen at Charlie's third wedding, which was to Brooke Mueller were “Hope you kids know what you’re doing,” before sitting back down. Ironically, the brevity of the speech made sense considering that the relationship didn't last much longer.

6. Charlie's texts to Cryer were just as weird as you might expect.

After getting arrested for spousal abuse in Aspen, he texted Cryer:

Thanks bro. Yikes—fukk me, wut a bad day….I’m flying home tonite. I’ll try to call over the weekend. Shower rape was bad but the food was okay. Hair and makeup for mug shot got there too late….

He followed that up with:

And I had same bail bondsman as Kobe…No joke…:)

Seems like he was being a little bit casual with the whole affair. After he trashed the New York Plaza Hotel and locked a hooker in a closet he said:

Shoulda stayed for the whole Poppins show…Oops…:)

Apparently, Sheen was watching Mary Poppins on Broadway before the incident with his family.

He talked about Chuck Lorre, the sitcom king and called him "a cancer that needs to be punished." He left this interesting poetic text to Cryer:

hatred is fuel.
fuel is god….
or is it; dog…?

Really crazy stuff. You can get the whole memoir, it's an interesting read and take on the life of a clearly very talented man who certainly has had a rough and crazy life.

(Via: Vulture)


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