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Marvel’s Infinity War in the comics was an even so big it took characters from all over the comic universe to take down Thanos. It looks like that’s exactly what the two part “Infinity War” film is going for as well, and who better to direct than the Russo brothers.

While it was rumored, speculated, and hoped for, we now have confirmation that Joe and Anthony Russo will be directing the two part phase three conclusion. This comes has good news seeing as “Avengers” and “Age of Ultron” director, Joss Whedon, won’t be directing any more Marvel movies.

I feel pretty good about this seeing as the Russo bros. took “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to a whole other level in terms of comic book movies, and they are also directing the highly anticipated “Capital America: Civil War”, due out in 2017.

Obviously their plate is going to b pretty full after “Age of Ultron” comes out in a few weeks. They’ll start filming “Civil War” and then jump right into their next project, which could be either “Infinity War” or a the Spider-Man project they signed on for at Sony. We shall see.

Needless to say, Marvel films are in very good hands.

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