ByManny Velazquez, writer at

After the events of the upcoming Slasher Film "Savage High" it was obvious that a sequel was inevitable. Currently in talks while the first film is wrapping up production in early summer of 2015. Director Manny Velazquez of the first is attach to direct while It is rumored that hopefully Actor and Actresses Marilyn Gonzalez, Ashley Perez, Michael Glen and Angie Velazquez will return for their roles. Even Though story lines haven't been discussed for the project but it has been confirmed that the second film will be a continuation from the previous film with the title "Escape From Savage High". Escape will be release around 2017. Not the Continuing Story lines with Nica's Character causing Mayhem around the school but with the characters passing the torch to the new generation of freshmen who will inherent the curse and lead the original cast to escape from savage high once and for all.



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