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Now the first Hulk film from 2003 wasn't a very good adaptation making it an art house film, with mediocre CGI and decent performance, though it was successful finacially but not critically. I mean seriously Hulk Dogs? Fast-Forward 5 years Later and we get the real and actually good Hulk movie, The Incredible Hulk. This Film is very good and way better than Ang Lee's Version of the first film, this is not a sequel nor have anything to do with the previous film, this is a fresh start for a new Hulk and actually worked.

I like Edward Norton as The Hulk and "Bruce Banner", Fun Fact Edward was going to play The Hulk from 2003 but turned it down because of the script, I don't blame him for that because that film SUCKED. Like I said before I think Edward really was great as The Hulk, he look very realistic as The Hulk unlike Eric Bana which his looked cheap and fake looking, and I also Like Liv Tyler as "Betty Ross" both of them great chemistry and I actually buy it. Bruce is also looking for a cure while the Military is hunting down, but one Soldier played by Tim Roth turns into The Hulk Nemesis, Abomination.

The Action is Incredible, no pun intended, but really I was just amazed how great this movie is compared to Ang Lee's Version, but the movie is not that perfect I think it should be a lot more longer like the first film which doesn't make sense to me is that the film is better than the 2003 film but shorter, but hey at least we didn't have to sit through the origin story again. But that's all i had to say about this film, I thought it was very enjoyable and fun but should have been a lot longer then it should've been but hey I like it, not as great Iron Man but it's good. The link of my Review Video of the movie is down below check it out and we have more MCU films to review. HULK SMASH!!!


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