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"Let's take a walk on the wild side of life" - Larke Wilde
Super Vixen
Super Vixen

Larke’s mother and father were involved in the war between the Evergreens as well. They were very competitive when it came to things that involved power and would kill anyone or anything that stood in their way. Her Father Glade and his beautiful wife Acacia have trained Larke in mortal combat. Glade loves Larke but he also loves power. When Larke was born he was happy but he was hoping that his offspring would have been a male. As Larke grew into a young woman, he became tougher when it came to training her. Larke didn’t mind the vigorous training. In fact, she loved it! Soon her looks, and her whip frightened people in the village. When she was five years old Glade handed Larke a whip to use for taming wildebeests, which lie deep in the forest. Acacia didn’t like Larke carrying around a weapon but Glade assured her that if any of the Evergreens were to come and attack her, then she would be prepared.

Unlike Hunter, Larke was outgoing. She loved fighting in her clan’s competitions. In fact when it came to battle, she was the one who all the boys were afraid of. Larke was super strong in all areas of combat. One punch to the ground could activate an Earthquake up to 50,000 miles away. Her cat like eyes could see up to five miles in distance, and they would glow a lime green when she senses danger, gold when she she’s prepared for battle, and a blood thirsty red which alone could kill an animal as large as a St Bernard. She was beautiful, but frightening. As she was getting closer to high school, her mother was worried about her daughter’s future as the leader of the clan. Since all the men in their tribe were either too weak for her, or to scared of her she and her husband searched for someone who by force was stronger than Larke, but kind and nurturing by nature. Although they have searched and searched, no one seemed to compare to Larke’s strength.

It was then one day when Larke was out on the battleground playing with the whip a handsome boy came and the whip in his right hand. The boys name was Archer Oakley. Archer was two years older than Larke and was the heir to the Tree Wisps Clan. The Tree Wisps were their own civilization that broke off from the Keeper of the Earth a long time a go. Archer is strong, handsome and loves a good fight. However, Archer doesn’t want anything to do with taking over the Tree Wisp Clan. When Larke and Archer fight they instantly become connected. They fall in love with each other but they are constantly at each other’s throats. They fight a lot and love to challenge each other and see which is stronger.


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