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Warning: this article may have language not appropriate to all ages and may cause you to be offended.


This article is going to be about the truth of the famous franchise we all know as

(CoD). I am not going to expect everyone to agree with what I say in this article but someone has to preach the truth and I guess I have to be the one to do it. Don’t you even think I am saying all this because I am a true Battlefield fan, I am doing this because I am hoping to at least show one person how s****y Call of Duty really is. I have had true experiences of all the things I mention in this so don’t think I make a single word here up.

“New Games?”

Every year there is a new Call of Duty (CoD), and every year it’s the same thing. The graphics barley change, the guns are all the same but might have a new name. The only true change is the setting, maps, and campaign. Every CoD game that has been released since Modern Warfare could have been DLC.


The gameplay of Call of Duty has also never changed at all since its existence. Still using the same s****y netcode and the same so called “fast paced experience”. There is a certain saying that comes to mind, “You either die rushing the map, or live long enough to see yourself become a camper.” This saying is 100% true about Call of Duty. The only people who stay alive through a whole game are either modding/hacking, using noobie weapons, or camping. If you do really well in a game without doing any of those things then you have a small amount of respect from me. The gameplay is one of the worst things about CoD. You can shoot a person in the knee and get a headshot and sometimes you don’t even hit them and still get a headshot. The gaming mechanics in CoD are so bad and only few people really see it. You can see your melee hit someone and not get the kill but there are moments when you don’t even come close to touching them and you can somehow get a kill. I say it again, the gaming mechanics in this game series is more broken than shattered glass.

Not even Close to being Balanced

Call of Duty is probably one of the most unbalanced games I have ever played. The assault rifles are average, sub machine guns and shotguns are the most over powered, and the snipers “usually” get a one shot kill no matter where you hit the person. You can take a whole assault rifle magazine in the chest and survive but die from a melee to the foot. There really isn’t much to say about how obvious it is to see how unbalanced CoD is.


It is so sad that you would need a perk just for your character to be normal. You should be able to sprint more than 5 seconds as a trained military soldier. It shouldn’t take you forever to raise your sniper scope to your face. Some perks make since like the ones that make UAV’s unable to see you or make you a lot quieter. Those make sense, but a lot of the other don’t but you feel like you need them just so that you can be closer to normal. The perks rule your character more than anything and that’s kind of sad.


In a first person shooter, the point of the game is to get kills, but as yourself, and whoever gets that certain number of kills first won. On Call of Duty that no longer exist and it revolves all around getting a few kills without dying and calling some kind of over powered killstreak in to do all of the work for you. You could get 9 kills in a row be at the bottom of the leader board but take the lead because of one over powered killstreak. The perks rule the character, but the killstreaks rule the battlefield. Barely anybody plays the objective any more, all they care about is getting kills and killstreaks.

CoD Community

The Call of Duty community is probably the worst part of the games existence. They are mostly around 10 years of age or 40 years of age. They think just because they play CoD that they are military and/or gun experts. They are most overly aggressive community and does nothing but trash talk each other and other games, that aren’t CoD. Plus to add to that, apparently they all sleep with each other’s mothers. They don’t even know the meaning of teamwork or true skill. They get mad at snipers not “quickscoping” even though snipers are supposed to look through the scope for a while before shooting. Many other communities agree that the CoD community is the worst community. I am not saying that everyone in the CoD community is bad. Most of my closest friends play Call of Duty and I myself used to play it. I am saying that about 80% of the community is full of a**holes.


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