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After the surprising success of the first Iron Man Movie back in 08, I was really looking forward to the sequel and the franchise in general of what Marvel is going to to do with their characters. So 2 years later we finally get the sequel Iron Man 2. Tony is enjoying his life as Iron Man, but he is struggling with stuff in his personal life and his inner demons. Now what I think of Iron Man 2 is that it's a fun ride but the film is very congested, rushed, have to many characters and sub-plots.

Is this movie terrible? No. Is it like OMG THIS AN AWFUL MOVIE? No. This is a film I have mixed feelings with for many many reasons. First the tone in this movie is campy I mean some of the "Meant to be" Funny moments aren't really that funny, but were really stupid, they were more like, "What am I watching?" or "Why is this even in it?" For example like the party scene and the awkward silence when Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, first meet "Tony". Another thing that this movie suffers is that is that it have characters such as Black Widow, Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson for to set up The Avengers. You can obviously tell that this movie was just setting this up for The Avengers just by shoehorning them into this one movie. I know The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have the same dilemma but In my opinion I Liked TASM 2 more than this but that's another movie we'll get to later. We have a new villain called Whiplash played by Mickey Rouke, now I like him as Whiplash, but his motivation for him against Iron Man is so like a "Who gives a Crap?" thing.

It sounds like I'm ranting on it but I don't hate this movie I think they are good moments like Rob Downey Jr as Iron Man/"Tony Stark", Don Cheadle as The War Machine replacing Terrence Howard from the first film and some of the action scenes, but overall it's a downgraded sequel with to much stuff going on in one movie, to silly for it's own good and very forgettable. My Video Review of the movie is down below check it out don't forget to Sub to my channel. While I'm gonna watch the next MCU film I'll review soon.


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