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Thomas Marsula

Once this began as simple lore that Zeak Dartail should face Ironman in battle. I was a dream of might for some time. I noticed that the world wasn't embracing a new idea like Syndicate X. So I began the challenge lore that Zeak challenged Ironman to a match. After the first fail of this challenge. I felt like I needed to push harder so I wrote a battle for Zeak and Ironman in an Epic Rap Battle. Once this finished and no one seemed to respond. I thought no one really cared for it. So I started to ask myself, What if the victory was real for Zeak and for the Syndicate X universe. So I made a video where I called out Ironman to a DeathBattle the video here:

Once again no response. I decide to call both these victories for Zeak the first being the rap battle. The next took place in a contest in another article here:,manual

This became a two and zero victory for Zeak Dartail. The final victory was due to forfeit which happened when it was revealed on Death Battle that Ironman would face Lex Luthor. Again I posted a comment with no response. Hence began the 3 and 0 victory becoming cannon, again to the Syndicate X universe. I will continue to push this even further, right here right now.

I will once again challenge Ironman for Zeak Dartail. If he does no respond or if no one else does until age of ultron I will consider it another forfeit and Zeak will then be 4 and 0. Ironman has been issued this challenge.


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