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(Transcript of the Interview)

Me talking with Deadpool...
Me talking with Deadpool...

Tom- OK, First of all I'd like to say... It's really great to actually meet you Wade, and Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with me!

Wade from the set...
Wade from the set...

Wade- Ummm... Tom, you realize I'm just a character in a comic book and not an actual person right?

Tom- Well, Technically you Are a Person who's been in (what will be) two movies now and yes I'm talking about 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the first...

Wade- Please don't bring that movie up...

Tom- Well, let's talk about that movie. Will you address the obvious issues with that movie?

Wade- Address what? That it completely screwed up my character in the 3rd Act? Seriously Dude! Why am I shooting laser blasts from my eyes? and what's with those Baraka Swords?!? (laughing)

Tom- OK, I understand your problems with that movie... But as far as your powers go will you be demonstrating any of those powers from that movie?

Wade- NO, I'm not going to shoot anything from my eyes other than looks of Sarcasm... Can you see it?

Tom- ummm... no you're wearing a mask but I believe you!

Wade- oh OK... Well, Other than no laser eyes and no swords coming out of my forearms- I've pretty much got the same awesome powers...

Tom- What about teleporting? are you going to do that?

Wade- Well... No, No Teleporting...

Tom- So... You will be nothing like the character we all hate from X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Wade- Pretty much... Yeah.

Tom- How about your outfit? It looks pretty true to your comics. It looks like Fox Studios really nailed it with that...

Wade- Well... I insisted, if they were going to do my movie... REALLY DO my movie, That they'd better get it right this time...

Tom- Is it a comfortable suit to wear?

Wade- Sure. Why? You're not going to ask to Wear it are you? 'cause that's kinda creepy...

Tom- No... That's OK... Just... No.

Wade- Are you sure? 'cause it is really comfortable...

Tom- No.

Wade- What? you think you're too good to wear my outfit?

Tom- No, that's not it Wade...Can we please get back to the interview?

Wade- Sure! what was the question again?

(Thumbing through notes...)

Tom- As far as the movie ratings go, this will be an "R" rated movie right?

Wade- Well, yeah... I don't think PG 13 would quite get it right for me as far as my awesome violence and humor.

Tom- Wouldn't you love a Netflix series?

Wade- I'd love a Netflix series! Too bad Fox Studios doesn't have a deal like Marvel has. Could you see it? Me and Daredevil! Side by Side... Mano a Mano...

Tom- That would be pretty cool!

Wade- Way Cool!

Tom- As far as your upcoming movie goes... Who will be the Villain in this? Can you give us any hints?

Wade- Ummmm... No.

Tom- Not even a hint?

Wade- No means No! Didn't you go to that sexual harassment seminar at moviepilot?

Tom- What?!?

Wade- Sorry, I can't tell you anything else about the movie... Other than "It will be the most Awesome Movie Ever Made!"

Tom- Will you break the 4th Wall in this movie?

Wade- Yes! If you watch the test footage, you'll notice I acknowledge the viewers in the very beginning on the overpass...

Tom- I also noticed you said "Hi Tom" at the very end. Were you saying hi to me specifically?

Wade- Yes... Yes I was.


Wade- No (laughing) OK, fine... Yes! I was saying Hi to you. Why do you think I did this exclusive interview with you?

Tom- I don't know... Why did you?

Wade- Because you asked me nicely, that's why.

Tom- Really?

Wade- You do know that I'm not really here... and that you're just talking to yourself right?

Tom- No...

Wade- You See? That's what I love about you! You're just as screwed up in the head as I am!

Tom- But you're Real...

Wade- You see? Now who's breaking the 4th wall?

Tom- Wade?... Wade! where are you going?

Wade- Gotta go dude! It was great, but I gotta go kill people...

Tom- But Wait!.. I've got Chimichangas!

Wade- Chimichangas?... Now you're talking!!!

(both busy eating chimichangas)

Wade- Are these Turkey or Beef?

Tom- The one's with the green sauce are ground turkey...

Wade- mmmmm... So Good! and Healthy too...

Here's the link to the Test footage...,d.cGU


So what did you think of my interview with the "Merc with the Mouth?"


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