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Mess with me and my kingdom, and I can make sure you will be sleeping with the fishes for the rest of your life! That I can promise you..- Maya Riva

Maya Riva is the daughter of King Caspian of the Seven Seas and Queen Cordelia of the Northern Isles. They live in the Majestic Haven, where the purest water of all the Earth is kept from the contaminated dark filthy water that continues to silently evade the planet. This water possesses a powerful magic that only those with pureness in their hearts can take full advantage of the magic it possesses. However, the water if mixed in with contaminated dark water can be used for evil intentions. Caspian and Cordelia had set up an invisible force field to make sure that their enemies would never find where they were hiding. It was their duty to protect the Ethereal Waters, and to protect the inhabitants who flourished in its abundance.

When Maya was a little girl, she was always curious about what lie beyond the force field. Her parents told her that she was to never swim out past the force field because of the spies that lay beyond the invisible wall would surely find them. At the age of ten, Maya had managed to slip beyond the invisible wall and see the outside world with her own eyes. Little did she know that there were spies watching her every move with the ultimate satisfaction. When news spread about Maya being seen outside the force field, the King was absolutely petrified of what could become of the Ethereal Waters. Both him and his wife called upon the mighty sea sprites to use their magic and make the wall even more powerful so that no one can get by the wall without their permission.

The water sprites that kept guard of the Ethereal Waters warned the King that he was asking for too much. The King wouldn’t listen and continued to abuse the Sprites gifts. One day, after Maya was done with her lessons, she noticed something odd about the atmosphere of the Majestic Haven. All around her, people were getting sick or they weren’t acting like themselves. Her mother became extremely sick because as the King begged and begged for the Water’s protection, he was killing one of the few things that he held near and dear to his heart. When Maya’s mother passed away, he became depressed. As the wall continued to become strong, he began to weaken.

Maya was scared for her father’s well being so when she asked the sprites for advice on what to do, they told her to go to the land above and study everything at Super Heroine High. It is there where you will find the power to heal your father, and everyone in the Majestic Haven, and it is there where you will also meet the people who will support you, and the people who will always be against you. They told Maya that she was a rare species and had powers that if combined with the Ethereal Waters could restore the pureness of the Water not just in the Haven, but every where as well.

When she was on her way to her new life, she grew curious as to what kind of power she had. She then noticed how she could play with water and make it ebb and flow just by the flick of her wrists. The water also could liquefy into almost anything she desired which was helpful to her. The coolest thing about her power was how she could summon waters from all over and command them as she pleases. Maya also can transform into any sea creature she pleases, however is that enough to stop what was happening in Majestic Haven? Still, she was determined on saving her family, and the people of the Majestic Haven.


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