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When we last saw the Avengers they had just infiltrated a Hydra base located in Japan and inside the base they found a time portal! Of course only good things can come from this!

Avengers: Millennium #2 begins with Spider-man and Quicksilver making fun of Iron Man because he's rich. After yelling at them both Iron Man informs the other Avengers that the portal is programmed to travel to only two time periods: The early Holocene epoch and the mid-20th century. However, Iron Man can't pinpoint the exact dates because of static interference.

Spider-man suggests destroying the portal (I however think he should have used it to undo his deal with Mephisto), but Captain America says they have to use the portals to investigate whatever Hydra has planned. Iron Man programs the portals to take two teams of Avengers to the different time periods. The plan? Find Hydra, stop hydra, then meet back up in the present. However, when the Avengers step through the time portal they become separated.

Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Captain America are in the Holocene epoch. Spider-man, Black Widow, and Iron Man are sent to WWII era. Scarlet Witch and Bruce Banner end up in the future where all of Japan is destroyed and covered in sand. So Hydra's plan was to have the Sandman take over the world? And why destroy Japan? Does Hydra not like anime?

Anyway Cap and Hawkeye meet up with Quicksilver and he tells them there are some Hydra members nearby who have some prehistoric animals under their control. Cap knocks one Hydra off a mammoth while Quicksilver starts snatching Hydra's weapons. Hawkeye destroys the speakers that are controlling the animals and soon they turn on their Hydra captors.

The next scene gives us the awesomeness that is Captain America; he punches out a saber tooth and the last Hydra standing! ('merica!)

So after that moment of awesome the three Avengers find out that Hydra has buried something underground, and is then told by one Hydra that the portal has been tampered with so it only goes one way...oh no!

The issue ends six days later with Hawkeye and Quicksilver talking about how they will live in a prehistoric time, but Captain America announces that he has a plan to get them back home.

This issue was pretty good, there was a lot of humorous lines and some cool action scenes, also this issue raised the stakes with separating the Avengers so now I will be looking forward to seeing how they get back together.

My only complaints for this issue is that there wasn't a scene of Quicksilver, Cap, and Hawkeye being chased by a Dinosaur as the cover suggested, that would have been a fun scene. Also the art work is still boring to me, like I said in my review of issue 1 the art isn't bad but it isn't anything that stands out to me it's just average. Finally last complaint: Thor still hasn't shown up. Yes I know comic book covers can be misleading, but if you have a character on a cover of a number 1 is it expecting too much to assume that character will be in the story?

Well despite all that I still liked this issue and I'm looking forward to issue 3.


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