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Twihards far and wide, prepare yourselves for 6 new Twilight stories that will expand the universe we already know and love! After 13,000 votes, 1,200 screenplays, and 150 director's pitches entered into the Twilight’ Storytellers Contest, six directors and storytellers have been chosen to be the new voices of the Twilight saga.

These short films set in the Twilight universe will highlight the power of female directors. With a budget of $50,000 from Lionsgate Entertainment, each director will be able to explore the canonical story and the space outside of Bella and Edward's story.

In a live Google+ hangout this morning, Meyer sat down with MTV's Crystal Bell and the 6 winning directors to discuss each of their stories. And the best news? When Bell asked Meyer if these mini-movies will be canon, especially regarding The Groundskeeper, Meyer responded:

"I hadn’t thought about that before, but, sure. If I were ever to go back in and look at this, and I don’t think I would write someone else’s story, but I think that with 'The Groundskeeper'…I can’t see him another way now."

Here's a brief rundown of what each of the six female-directed films will be about:

1. The Mary Alice Brandon File

Directed by: Kailey and Sam Spear

What it's about: Expanding upon what we know of Alice Cullen’s human life and her experiences in the asylum.

2. Consumed

Directed by: Maja Fernqvist

What it's about: The origin story of Jane and Alec and the life they had before became the vampires we know from the Twilight series. It will show a sweeter and softer side of Jane before she was tainted by the Volturi.

3. Turncoats

Directed by: Lindsey Hancock Williamson

What it's about: Goes back to the Civil War and tells the story of how Carlisle met Garrett. It also features a strong female character based on the real-life Deborah Sampson who disguised herself as a man to fight in the war.

4. Sunrise

Directed by: Amanda Tasse

What it's about: Focuses on the Egyptian coven and tells the origin story of Benjamin and Tia's relationship.

5. The Groundskeeper

Directed by: Nicole Eckenroad

What it's about: About who, and how, Alice becomes a vampire.

6. We’ve Met Before

Directed by: Yulin Kuang

What it's about: Going deeper into the story of how Alice and Jasper first met back in a diner in 1948.

Because each of these stories will officially be made into the Twilight universe, it leaves a lot of potential for the future of the films and other spinoffs. Lionsgate's Michael Burns said, these Twilight mini-movies are “just the beginning — a template, if you will.” Exciting!

While there's still no release date for these short films, fans can become more involved in Twilight Storytellers and receive updates, by liking the official Twilight Facebook page. The final and ultimate winner of the competition will be announced later this summer.

(Via: MTV News)


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