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By no means did Iggy Azalea have a big part in [Furious 7](movie:264263). I mean, she essentially had one line during the Race Wars that didn't necessarily need to be included in the movie. But did she ruin the entire movie? Some fans think yes.

The phrase she uttered was, "Where you been at, ghost girl?" in reference to Michelle Rodriguez and her reappearance on the racing scene. And sure, it may have seemed kind of random to add her to the franchise for such a small role, but was it really that bad? These Twitter users think so, and had a good deal of fun with it.

The classic photoshop-a-trash-can-on-top-of-Iggy's-face move

Some more cold-bloodedness

More Iggy hate, this time from overseas

This is just straight-up anger

The classic Wayans Brothers 'White Chicks' joke made an appearance

When you find yourself in a situation you don't want to be in, you can always just do like this guy and leave

This is a tad bit dramatic

I have a feeling Iggy is probably taking this all in stride. She has a lot of haters out there, but SHE is the one getting called up to appear in the 9th biggest blockbuster of all time. The haters have Twitter, but Iggy has money, power, and fame.

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