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Just think: it has been around two months since the groundbreaking announcement that Marvel's flagship character has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe after negotiations made between Sony and Disney. They agreed that while Sony retains the rights to the Spider-Man character and it's respective properties, Marvel will have access to characters from that series and vice-versa.

So inevitably, the fan community raved. I'm talking somersaults-across-the-room raved. Who doesn't want to see The Wall-Crawler make exchanges with the equally-snarky Tony Stark (or...Tony Snark! Get it?) or have The Avengers come to blows with the likes of Norman Osborn? And more importantly, who doesn't want to see Spider-Man himself become an Avenger?

Spider-Man is an iconic character who, in terms of popularity, can clash with the likes of Batman and Superman themselves. This is evidenced by his popularity with kids, teens and adults for decades. He continues to see success in many platforms of media.

But with movies, he seems to slowly be slipping through the cracks, right alongside the Punisher and Ghost Rider.

Sorry guys, your movies suck.

Last year's [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) made a measly (well, by studio standards) $709 million, the lowest-grossing in the series. Seeing as how the films are struggling to return to their former glory (although the rebooted series isn't as bad as everyone says, which I will go over in a few days), the deal with Marvel is safe for business.

The Avengers, on the other hand, only recently became household names. To comic book fans, the exploits of characters like Iron Man and Thor were very recognized, but to a general audience...not so much.

With the MCU came success. The Avengers is one of the highest-grossing films ever, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is predicted to become THE highest-grossing film ever. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers became pop culture icons in their own right, and the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) (in which both characters star) is almost certainly going to be one of the most successful movies in recent history.

Seeing as how both Spider-Man and The Avengers are iconic, why not have the singular superhero join the ensemble that is The Avengers?

But, remember, more than one studio can use these characters now. So I'll be going over how Spider-Man should be handled by both studios.

Spider-Man at Marvel

Welcome home.
Welcome home.

As stated before, this crossover, whether now or twenty years from now, was almost inevitable. Spider-Man fighting alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be a spectacle, and more importantly, a box office goldmine. Marvel will at this point be squatting down and crapping out money.

But in my opinion, I'd do things a bit differently than what most people want.


Don't have him become an Avenger.

At this point, most of you are probably ready to ram my door in with whatever large object you find, and then proceed to bash me over the head with it.

But please, hear me out before you kill me.

Marvel has successfully turned what most considered to be bottom-tier characters into silver-screen icons. Man of Steel , the launching pad of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the reboot of the Superman series, just barely squeezed past [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) at the box office in 2013. Now, if a semi-obscure character like Thor is about $20 away from making freaking Superman money, and Iron Man 3 made double-Superman money, there's a problem.

To have Spider-Man join The Avengers would take focus away from these already-established characters who are now beloved by many a filmgoer. It would be like Spider-Man & Friends. You know, where they all have Bigfoot limbs? And where they gave Iron Man's mask a human face?

Seriously, what was that about?
Seriously, what was that about?

All jokes aside, this doesn't need to be the Spider-Man Show. There needs to be balance. And shoehorning Spider-Man into your plans and giving him the spotlight would take away from that balance. People seem to forget that the Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies are still very real, and are happening. And if [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) proved anything, it was that unknowns could go up against Spidey himself.

So yes, the character should debut in Captain America: Civil War in at least a supporting role. And it should be Peter Parker who wears the mask, as opposed to Miles Morales. But more about that later.

And from there, his reboot in the series shouldn't be a direct origin story, but should at least tie up all loose ends as to wear this already-existing character was the whole time. And when it comes to villains, I honestly want to see Green Goblin one last time, but in an appearance truer to his comic book form. Because personally, the armored look is wearing thin. You aren't Iron Man, so stop trying to be. Okay? Okay.

And maybe toss in one (and only one) side villain, like Vulture or Shocker. And hey, in the sequel, why not use Mysterio or Chameleon as your big bad? And why not make Rhino your secondary in a way that doesn't suck?

And by having him stand alone, and have him work with The Avengers only when necessary, both series can flourish.

And as for casting, I recommend casting an unknown. Someone who could grow into the role. Because just maybe, we could see Prof. Peter Parker someday. And with that, there's not as much fear with an expiring contract.

Spider-Man at Sony

And now the Miles fans can celebrate.
And now the Miles fans can celebrate.

With Peter Parker reppin' the webbing at Marvel, what the hell is Sony gonna do?

They still own Spider-Man, but why have Peter Parker overkill?

So dear Amy Pascal...the people want Miles Morales. Why not continue the Amazing Spider-Man movie series, with Miles as your Spider-Man?

Clearly this world's Peter Parker needs to have died. So why not have Andrew Garfield return in a cameo, and have him get seriously messed up? And then have Miles Morales take the mantle and kick ass in black and red?

But to avoid confusing moviegoers, the Multiverse concept needs to be clearly explained in a movie that makes use of mystical elements like this, like...oh, I don't know, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685)!

But seriously, this would be perfect! Maybe Thanos is too big of a threat for this singular universe to handle, so they enlist the help of Miles Morales to combat the Mad Titan.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be great.

So in conclusion...

...separating your universes opens up not only a way for both studios to make use of the character, but an easy way to explain crossovers.

So what do you think?


How did I do for my first time?


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