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Who do you think will die in Avengers Age Of Ultron?

When you use a vibranium shield you have to know what vibranium is. Vibranium is a metal traditionally found in Antarctica, first introduced in daredevil issue #13. The most common form of vibranium is located in a small African island known as Wakanda (ruled by a young T'challa). This type of vibranium is known to posses the ability to absorb kinetic energy. The energy absorbed is stored between molecules that make up the substance. The more energy the vibranium absorbs the tougher it becomes. It is also one of the most light weight metals in the world. There are limits to how much energy absorbed but there is only one case to prove. In one case when the oil conglomerate Roxxon discovered that a small island in the South Atlantic had a foundation composed of vibranium. Due to this, Roxxon found it necessary to destroy the island and so blew it up with bombs. Unable to absorb the force of the explosions, the vibranium was destroyed, but it did succeed in entirely absorbing the sound made by the explosion, preventing damage to the surrounding area. It is also believed to enhance mystical energies. The Antarctic version of vibranium commonly known as anti metal(located in the savage land) , is more specific to wave lengths. That breaks down molecular structure in other metals. Breaking down this structure causes them to liquefy.

Vibranium is used in the construction of the Constrictor's pair of electrified prehensile, wrist-mounted metal coils. The vibranium coils have a contact based aura that suppress sound. Captain America's shield which also was constructed with adamantium though in the comics in the Ultimate Universe, his shield is only composed of adamantium. iginally, Dr. Myron MacLain was attempting to perfect an indestructible alloy as strong as the legendary 'Adamantine', which Hercules' Golden Mace was made from. Dr. MacLain was hoping the alloy would provide a distinct advantage in the armor of American war machines, during World War II. The Doctor worked tirelessly, using the exotic Vibranium metal and an unknown substance.

Therefore making his shield stronger because of the density of the energy absorbed. This allows objects such as bullets rockets and missiles to ricochet off the shield. His shield also allows him to provide some sort of air bag type quality. Another thing the shield is able to do is hit an object and bounce because of the light weight alloys density.


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