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Zoey 101 made boarding school look AWESOME. I wanted to attend Pacific Coast Academy so badly. The dorms were cute, the food looked delicious, and who can forget the badass hangout space with the foozeball tables? Enroll me pronto!

It's been ten years since this show was first released on Nickelodeon. That means that the cast is also a whole decade older as well. Wonder what some of them have been up to since? We've got the answers.

Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey)

Following Zoey 101, Jamie stayed in the Nickelodeon world by acting in one episode as the character Krya in Just Jordan. She also had another bit part on one episode of the show Miss Guided and lent her voice in the animated film Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

In 2007, Spears had a baby with Casey Aldridge. After the couple broke off their engagement, Spears began dating Jamie Watson, the owner of Advanced Media Partners. Besides raising her family, Jamie has since pursued her passion for singing country music and has released an EP called The Journey.

Paul Butcher (Dustin)

From adorable to studly
From adorable to studly

Hubba hubba! Someone grew into a major hottie!

Following his adorable role as Zoey's little brother Dustin, Paul Butcher continued with his acting career, appearing in Criminal Minds, MyMusic, and A Lesson In Romance.

Currently, Butcher is studying at University of California, Los Angeles and is an active member in his fraternity Zeta Beta Tau. He has also released his own music, including a single titled "Don't Go."

Sean Flynn (Chase)

Someone else got hot, too!
Someone else got hot, too!

Post Zoey 101, Sean Flynn also remained in Hollywood, as he continued to pursue his acting career. He has appeared on TV and films, such as Devious Maids, The Last of Robin Hood, and The Conjuring.

Fun fact: Flynn's nickname is Professor. This must mean he is some kind of smarty pants or something.

Christopher Massey (Michael)

Christopher Massey acted in a few TV shows after Zoey 101 ended, including The Electric Company and Switched at Birth, as well as films Mary and Max and The Search for Santa Paws. He and his brother Kyle Massey formed Massey Boyz, and have a YouTube channel in which they feature their own music.

In between acting gigs, both Chris and Kyle produce TV shows and write scripts. They're such a multitalented duo.

Alexa Nikolas (Nicole)

Alexa Nikolas also continued diving further into her acting career, appearing in such films and TV shows as the remake of Children of the Corn, Red State, Into the Darkness, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men just to name a few.

In 2012, Nikolas married Canadian electro musician Mike Milosh.

Erin Sanders (Quinn)

It seems like a majority of these stars have stayed in the world of Hollywood. Sanders can be seen in a monumental list of productions, appearing in such shows and films as Model Minority, Guilty at 17, Mad Men, Weeds, CSI Miami, and Melissa and Joey just to name a few.

Sanders is a certified yoga instructor and currently teaches yoga classes.

Matthew Underwood (Logan)

There isn't much information on what Matthew Underwood has been up to since Zoey 101. He did, however, act in a film called Irea The Movie in 2010.

He was also arrested for suspicion of cannabis and paraphernalia possession in 2012.

Victoria Justice (Lola)

Victoria Justice remained loyal to Nickelodeon, and was even given her own show after Zoey 101 called Victorious, about a girl named Tori Vega who attends a performing arts high school and gets into hilarious situations with her sister. Justice also went on to act in a handful of films, including Jungle Master and The Outskirts. She also had roles on other Nickelodeon shows, like iCarly, True Jackson, VP, and Big Time Rush.

Besides acting, Justice has other talents that include singing and dancing. She has released several songs following Zoey 101, and released many albums, including SHAKE! in 2015.

She started dating Pierson Fode in 2013. She spends a lot of her time doing charity work in association with United Nations Foundation, Girl Up, and Children's National Medical Center just to name a few.

We laughed with these characters, we cried with these characters. We remember the subtle love between Zoey and Chase. We remember when Zoey proved to her guy friends that girls are just as capable of playing basketball. It's amazing to see these actors pursue their goals, whether it be in film, philanthropy work, or motherhood.


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